Grizzly Man in Financial Ruin, Selling Halo Suit

Troy Hurtubise, famous for his bear-proof suits, recently made headlines for developing a Halo-inspired anti-ballistic suit. After spending $15,000 and several years developing the suit, Hurtubise had hoped to sell the design to some military hoping to protect its troops in hostile situations. Suit features include a head-guided laser pointer, the whole bullet deflection thing and a handy cock-clock (shown in video).

All indications from the initial clamor about the suit seemed to suggest that he would indeed find a buyer. Unfortunately for, Hurtubise, he failed to get a single offer.

Now facing financial ruin, Grizzly Man Troy was forced to put the Halo suit, dubbed the Trojan, up for sale on Ebay. The auction is currently sitting at $1,000 with no bids. So if you think you might need an anti-ballistic suit, here’s your chance to get one on the cheap and, you know, help feed his family.

Ebay Auction [via Hamilton Spectator]