"Vista-Capable"-stickered PC's Vista-incapable; Microsoft to pay?

vista_capable-736005.jpgSo some Washington folks are getting all ornery over what they believe is a misleading sticker put on new computers during the lead-up to the Vista release. “Windows Vista Capable,” boasted the stickers proudly. Of course, many were only capable of running Home Basic, the most spartan of the many flavors of Vista, which does not include the flashy Aero effects.

A group of consumers has filed a lawsuit alleging that Microsoft deliberately deceived consumers and that the Home Basic version was not the “true Vista” that MS had marketed. I have to side with the big guys on this one; Microsoft says that the computers are, strictly speaking, capable of running Vista. And there is more to Vista than just the Aero interface, whether you like it or not. Of course, it will devolve into much bickering and a judge will determine whether the litigious complainants can take it to the next level.

Microsoft criticizes “Vista Capable” plaintiffs for focus on tiny sticker [Ars Technica]