• Gist Acquires Startup Weekend App 'Learn That Name'

    Every few weeks (and sometimes even more often than that), dozens of techies gather together for regional Startup Weekends — fast-paced code writing frenzies where entrepreneurs and developers conceive of and build a new application in less than 60 hours (and lose quite a bit of sleep in the process). Many of the apps die off soon thereafter, but some of them live on. And now… Read More

  • A sleepless 58 hours later, Startup Weekend London produces nine potential companies

    [UK] Startup Weekend is the 58 hour-long conference where attendees made up of “developers, business managers, startup enthusiasts, marketing gurus, graphic artists, and more” don’t just talk, they actually build something. The projects, of which nine were completed at the London event last week, are developed over a very long weekend – presumably sleep is optional… Read More

  • Analysis: How Far Do Projects Launched At Startup Weekends Travel? (Not Very Far)

    Over the years, we’ve covered a number of startups, or rather projects, that were born out of the so-called Startup Weekends. Basically, these are regional community events where developers, designers and business people come together on a given weekend, decide to pursue the creation of one or more fresh web application(s) or service(s) and subsequently cook them up in a very brief period… Read More

  • 54 Hours To Build A Company: A Look At Startup Weekend Phoenix

    It’s been some time since we last covered Startup Weekend, a series of events that bring a roomful of developers and entrepreneurs together to develop new startups in only 54 hours. When the program originally launched last year, each weekend was geared towards building a single application, of which every participating member was a cofounder. Since then the format has changed… Read More