New Site Renders Tech Reporters Obsolete

Why do I get the uncanny sense that a lot of technology bloggers will soon be out a job? In the grand tradition of single serving niche sites like and comes, an easy way to generate responses when you need to explain to your parents, relatives, etc why you’re eating ramen for breakfast, lunch and dinner instead of going to law school. “So, basically, it’s like a new social platform for government corruption …”

From site creator Eric Kerr:

“Basically, my friend Ben Gilbert and I attended the demo presentations of Startup Weekend this past weekend in San Francisco. While we were watching the demo pitches, we noticed that every one of the 10 pitches was an X for Y. We threw this together while the demos were going on and showed it to some people at the event and they loved it.”

We love it too. Almost as much as our job security.

Headline inspiration: Jason Kincaid