• Strobe Launches Game-Changing HTML5 App Platform

    Strobe Launches Game-Changing HTML5 App Platform

    Today, Strobe Inc. is launching a new platform that helps developers build HTML5-based Web applications for desktops, smartphones and tablets, and centrally manage them from a single interface. The launch is a major leap forward in HTML5 app development. From one interface, teams can manage code (both test code and production code), configure the app’s deployment across platforms… Read More

  • Strobe Gets $2.5 Million To Make The Mobile Web Dance With Apple-Like JavaScript And HTML5 Moves

    In June of 2008, we wrote about SproutCore, and open source framework that was demoed that year at the WWDC event put on by Apple. The reason they were demoing it was because it was going to be the technology powering the soon-to-be-released MobileMe experience on the web. Apple had actually been using the framework with .Mac before that as well. And for good reason: the guy who created it… Read More

  • Want to Try Out Apple's MobileMe? Check Out SproutCore

    MobileMe won’t be available until July, but you can at least get a feel for some of the service’s features by heading over to SproutCore and trying out their photo app. SproutCore is an open source JavaScript framework that Apple used to build some portions of MobileMe, so it isn’t surprising that the photo app bears a strong resemblance to the demo shown at today’s… Read More