Movies Anywhere launches movie-sharing feature ‘Screen Pass’ into open beta

Last month, it was reported that digital locker service Movies Anywhere was working to launch a movie-sharing feature called “Screen Pass.” At the time, the feature was only available in l

Fox Sports to broadcast the full season of NASCAR’s virtual race series

Esports racing, helped by record-setting viewership, is hitting the big time. Fox Sports said Tuesday it will broadcast the rest of the eNASCAR Pro Invitational iRacing Series, following Sunday’

Crunch Report | Fastest Drone Ever World Record Set

The world record for the fastest drone is set, an artificial heart is 3D printed and luxury phone maker Vertu shuts down. All this on Crunch Report.

Google’s AMP project expands beyond news

Six months after launching AMP for news stories in its mobile search results, Google today announced the next step for the project: moving AMP beyond news and bringing it to other mobile sites, too.

Group Led By Google Wants More Speed On The Web, Releases Nginx PageSpeed Module In Beta

Google really cares about the web being faster. In 2010 it led a group of contributors in releasing a module for Apache web servers called PageSpeed. Today, the same group has released a version for N

Netflix Launches Speed Index To Highlight The Best ISPs For Streaming

For the last few months now, Netflix regularly <a target="_blank" href="http://blog.netflix.com/2013/02/netflix-january-isp-rankings.html">released</a> an index of the fastest ISPs for streaming video

Google Launches Zopfli To Compress Data More Densely And Make Web Pages Load Faster

Google just <a target="_blank" href="http://googledevelopers.blogspot.com/2013/02/compress-data-more-densely-with-zopfli.html">launched</a> <a target="_blank" href="https://code.google.com/p/zopfli/">

Google Updates PageSpeed Service, Promises To “Turbocharge Your Website”

Google just <a target="_blank" href="http://googledevelopers.blogspot.com/2012/08/turbocharging-web-sites-with-new.html">launched an update</a> to <a target="_blank" href="https://developers.google.co

New Relic Now Tracks Fastest Apps & Industries, Lets You Compare Your Speed To The Competition

<a target="_blank" href="http://newrelic.com/">New Relic</a>, one of a number of startups that have emerged in the last 5 years to address the costly, patchwork BS of old-school enterprise monitoring

Torbit’s Insight Measures The Effect Of Site Speed On Your Bounce, Conversion & Revenue

Anyone who runs a website, especially those who those who do the majority of their business through a web portal, know how important speedy load times are to keeping their customers engaged, on site,

A Look At Who’s Winning The Global Internet Speed Race [Infographic]

In July, <a href="https://techcrunch.com/2011/07/27/which-states-and-isps-are-winning-the-internet-speed-race-in-the-u-s/">we covered a study released</a> by <a href="http://www.pandonetworks.com/">Pa

Which States And ISPs Are Winning The Internet Speed Race In The U.S.?

As much as those in Silicon Valley get wrapped up in all the innovative technologies and businesses being built on top of and around the Internet, the fact of the matter is that there are still some s

Verizon calls out Cablevision over ‘fastest broadband in America’ claim

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/vfios.jpg" />Game on! Cablevision, a cable company that serves the suburbs of New York City, and whose ISP, OptimumOnline, I use, recentl

Extreme concrete road barrier

Crazy Japanese driver training course? Nope. It’s a speed-limiting tactic over in Japan China. There isn’t much info about the two-foot tall, 100-foot long chicane but we’re int

DIY Speed-Vest

Aimed at safety, the Speed-Vest displays how bad-ass you are on a two-wheel’d steed. The numbers are displayed via electro-luminescent wire controlled by an open-source embedded ‘puter. Wi

Report: broadband gridlock 'like whoa' by 2010

If y’all don’t stop downloading funny YouTube videos and consuming bandwidth, the Internet may experience gridlock the likes of which it’s never seen before. According to Nemertes Re

Wake Up Angel: Electronic No-Doze, Less Side Effecty

I’m hoping this little guy makes the jump across the Pacific, because it’s time for some of you suckers to go back to school! And if school for you was anything like it was for me, it&#821

Sling Media to Boost Your Net Connection Speed, Show Ads While Slinging

Yup, perhaps in a move to allay content providers’ fears or perhaps in a move to make more money, Sling Media also announced that it’s considering showing ads on its upcoming Clip and Slin