SoundHound, the voice AI company, raises $25M after laying off 40% of staff earlier this month

AI may be getting hyped as the next billion dollar (or much bigger) opportunity these days after that mega-round for OpenAI from Microsoft, but that rising tide is not lifting all boats. SoundHound &#

SoundHound, the voice AI platform, lays off 10% of staff citing ‘challenging market conditions’

SoundHound — maker of the voice AI technology used by Mercedes-Benz, Deutsche Telekom, Snap, Mastercard and more — has laid off about 10% of its workforce amid ongoing economic turmoil across glob

Felicis, Lux Capital and Upfront Ventures tackle TAM at Disrupt

Perception is everything — especially when it comes to the value of software startups and total addressable markets (TAM). During 2020 and 2021, as COVID bit into the economy, tech products turned o

Why SoundHound is valued at 5 Shazams

To find out why voice AI company SoundHound is set to go public via a SPAC at a nearly $2.1 billion valuation, let's have a closer look at its history, and the case for its double unicorn valuation.

Mercedes-Benz turns to SoundHound for in-vehicle voice assistant

Drivers of new Mercedes-Benz A-Class vehicles will soon be able to talk to their cars. And the cars will respond. Ask the car to turn on the heads-up display or for sports scores. Say you’re hun

SoundHound has raised a big $100M round to take on Alexa and Google Assistant

As SoundHound looks to leverage its ten-plus years of experience and data to create a voice recognition tool that companies can bake into any platform, it’s raising another big $100 million roun

Kia and Hyundai cars will include AI assistants starting in 2019

Vehicles made by Korean carmakers Hyundai and Kia will include built-in virtual assistants with AI-powered smarts beginning in 2019 (via Engadget). The plan to build smart assistants into vehicles wil

SoundHound raises $75M to bring its voice-enabled AI everywhere

SoundHound has been around for 10 years and, before today, had raised around $40 million in financing as it’s worked to build a massive conversational AI platform. But today, the company is addi

Shazam is finally profitable after a billion downloads

Shazam, the mobile and desktop app that acts as a digital ear and song identifier, crossed the 1 billion download mark recently, according to a report from Billboard on Thursday. The London-based co

Hound, a voice-powered virtual assistant app, launches publicly

Keyvan Mohajer is hoping the past nine years of research and work building a digital assistant at SoundHound will be worth the wait. Today, SoundHound CEO Mohajer said the company is publicly relea

SoundHound Launches Houndify Platform To Add A Voice Interface To Other Apps And Devices

SoundHound’s Houndify, which promises to “add voice enabled conversational interface to anything,” is officially available to developers today. SoundHound is best-known as a music re

SoundHound Challenges Siri With New Hound Voice Search App And Developer Platform

Most of you know about <a target="_blank" href="">SoundHound</a>, right? It's <a href="

Facebook Adds Shazam-Style Audio Recognition To Help You Automatically Tag Posts With TV Shows And Songs

Facebook has a new weapon in the battle against Twitter to host lucrative conversations about media. A Shazam-esque opt-in feature coming to the iOS and Android status composer can activate your phone

Now With 175M+ Users, SoundHound Launches Its iOS 7 App, As Company Struggles To Exit Shazam’s Shadow

<a target="_blank" href="">SoundHound's</a> music identification app has the unfortunate position of having to live in Shazam's shadow, but that may not be the case for much

Chasing Shazam, SoundHound Quietly Passes 100M Users, Averaging 200K Downloads/Day

With Shazam infiltrating our TVs, showing up in Super Bowl ads, and passing 200 million users, you just might think that the market has its music-identification king. But <a target="_blank" href="http

Music Search Startup SoundHound Partners With Spotify For Instant Streaming

Music search and discovery company <a href="">SoundHound</a> has <a href="