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Contraception app Natural Cycles’ Facebook ad banned for being misleading

Natural Cycles, a Swedish startup which touts its body temperature-based algorithmic method for tracking individual fertility as an effective alternative to hormonal birth control, has been wrapped by

Facebook is going back to college

While today’s college graduates are “digital natives,” these natives have been conditioned on Netflix-like interfaces, and aren’t accustomed to laborious software configurations, or the steep

Salesforce AI helps brands track images on social media

Brands have long been able to search for company mentions on social media, but they’ve lacked the ability to search for pictures of their logos or products in an easy way. That’s where Sal

Clearmob uses AI to optimize your social marketing campaigns

A startup called Clearmob makes it easier for marketers to optimize their campaigns on social media. The company provides a dashboard that plugs into their Facebook account and can help make sense of

Hootsuite acquires AdEspresso as it moves into paid content, social ads

Hootsuite, the startup and platform that lets marketers manage a company’s interactions across a range of social media networks, is getting into the business of paid content. Today, it is anno

How Google Analytics ruined marketing

Marketers in the high-tech world who use phrases such as “social media marketing,” “Facebook marketing” and “content marketing” do not understand the basic difference between marketing str

Everything the tech world says about marketing is wrong

The biggest problem in marketing in the tech world today is that too many marketers do not know the first thing about marketing.

​New app ​Tagly ​bets on ​connect​ing​ consumers with brand content

Tagly claims to be the first social platform dedicated to exclusively showcase content created by brands. Its goal is to allow users to discover, share, and collect the branded content they love, and

Social Media Marketing Company Clickable Acquires Talkwheel

Talkwheel, a company that offers a unique way to visualize customer conversations, has been acquired by Clickable. I last wrote about Talkwheel in 2014. The company aggregates the online conversation

The Mobile Electorate

In 2008, Barack Obama redrafted the electioneering script, becoming the first presidential candidate to use social media as a political channel. His opponents’ failure to grasp the significance of s

The Ultimate Ad

If Mad Men is to be believed, the difference between a successful brand and a failure is the perfect ad: one witty line, the perfect image; an overall feeling that captures and captivates the target a

Facebook Updates Audience Network To Include Support For Mobile Web

For Facebook, ads are still kind when it comes to talking about the bottom line, and paramount to that success are the platforms that allow the company to serve its personalized ads across the web. 

The New Wave Of Selling On Mobile And Social

The holiday season is here, and shoppers and merchants alike are gearing up for the busiest shopping season of the year. How will technology impact retail this season, and what’s new in 2015 about t

Social Media Aggregation Platform Stackla Raises $2M

Social content aggregation and publishing platform <a target="_blank" href="">Stackla</a> announced today that it has raised $2 million in new funding led by rampersand and other pr

Spot.IM Turns Any Site Into A Social Network

Facebook and Twitter are essential tools for social marketing, but user engagement on those networks doesn’t necessarily translate into more visitors to a site. Created by the founder of a former Te

What Can Indian Startups Learn From The Facebook Acquisition That Didn’t Happen

Little Eye Labs was not the only acquisition Facebook was chasing in India last year. Salorix, a social media analytics startup that had raised $3.5 million in Series A from Inventus Capital Partners

Postcard For iPhone Lets You Post To Any Social Network At Once, Even Your Own Website

A new application, <a target="_blank" href="">Postcard</a>, launching today, will help you cross-post to various soci

Oracle Buys Compendium, A Content Marketing Startup, To Build Up Its Arsenal Against Salesforce

On the heels of <a target="_blank" href="">Oracle</a>'s $871 million acquisition of Eloqua in <a target="_blank" href="

Tailwind Buys PinReach As Pinterest Analytics Startups Consolidate

When Pinterest frenzy was at a peak (adding users in <a href="">record

Social Media Marketing Platform MarketMeSuite Raises $1.25M From Talus Holdings

Social media management and marketing platform <a target="_blank" href="">MarketMeSuite</a> has landed a new strategic investment of $1.25 million from <a target="_blank" href
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