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Discord acquires Gas, a compliments-based social media app for teens

The messaging platform Discord announced its acquisition of Gas, an app that’s popular among teens for its positive spin on social media. On Gas, users sign up with their school, add friends and

Instagram will begin testing a new repost feature with select users soon

Instagram is gearing up to give users the ability to repost other users’ posts and reels, the social network confirmed to TechCrunch. Although the Meta-owned company hasn’t released the re

UK closely probing four tech firms over kids’ privacy code breaches

The U.K. could be gearing up to hit a handful of tech firms with enforcement orders (and potentially fines) related to a children’s online privacy and safety Code which has been in force for a y

Instagram tests new features to give users more control over suggested posts

Instagram is testing two new features that are designed to help users control more of what they see on the app, Meta announced on Tuesday. First, the company is testing the ability for users to mark m

Meta and Twitter purge web of accounts spreading pro-US propaganda abroad

In the post-2016 U.S. election world, secretive online campaigns designed to influence global politics are nothing new. And while U.S. adversaries like Russia, Iran and China have been linked to gover

Instagram now defaults new users under 16 to most restrictive content setting, adds prompts for existing teens

In December, just ahead of Instagram head Adam Mosseri’s testimony before the U.S. Senate over the impacts of its app on teen users, the company announced plans to roll out a series of safety fe

TikTok is testing a new ‘Nearby’ feed to display local content

TikTok is testing a new ‘Nearby’ feed that is designed to display local content to users. A spokesperson for the company told TechCrunch that the new feed is being tested with select users

TikTok rolls out a basic in-app, text-to-image AI generator

TikTok has rolled a new in-app text-to-image AI generator that lets users type in a prompt and receive an image that can be used as the background in their videos. The effect is called “AI green

LinkedIn rolls out new tools to give creators more ways to share visual content

LinkedIn announced today that it’s rolling out new features for creators that are designed to make it easier to share visual content on the social network. The launch marks LinkedIn’s late

TikTok’s latest test feature aims to improve the app’s search capabilities

TikTok is testing a new feature that enhances the popular short-form video app’s search functions. The new feature highlights keywords in comments and links to search results for the term. TikTo

Snap’s new creator fund will award independent musicians up to $100,000 per month

Snap is launching a new Sounds Creator Fund to financially support independent artists who are distributing music on Snapchat via DistroKid. Starting in August, the company will distribute payments fo

Snap misses on Q2 revenue, declines to forecast its future financial performance

Snap released its second-quarter earnings on Thursday and missed analyst’s expectations. Revenue was $1.11 billion for the quarter, up 13% from the same period a year earlier but coming in below

Facebook’s new ‘Feeds’ tab chronologically displays posts from your friends and groups

Facebook is revamping its main news feed and launching a new “Feeds” tab where users can see posts from their friends, groups, pages and more in chronological order, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerbe

Facebook tests a way to add up to five profiles tied to a single account

Facebook is testing a way for users to have up to five separate profiles tied to a single account. The social media giant says the test allows users to dedicate different profiles to specific groups t

Instagram launches its creator marketplace on an invite-only basis

Instagram has officially started testing its new creator marketplace, a hub designed to help brands discover and reach out to creators about partnerships and campaigns. The marketplace is currently av

Linktree’s new mobile app allows users to manage their pages on the go

Linktree announced today that it’s launching a new mobile app on iOS and Android to make it easier for users to access its service. The new app will allow users to create a Linktree, add and man

Twitter now lets all users ‘unmention’ themselves in tweets

Twitter announced today that it’s rolling out its “Unmentioning” feature to all users on all devices. The new feature, which Twitter initially began┬átesting in April, allows users t

Twitter begins testing ‘CoTweets’ to allow users to co-author tweets

Twitter has started testing a new “CoTweets” feature that lets users co-author tweets, the social media giant confirmed to TechCrunch. Select accounts in the U.S., Canada and Korea now hav

Twitter rolls out its closed caption toggle on iOS and Android, tests new ways to start Spaces

Twitter announced this week that it’s introducing a few new features for users. Most notably, the social media giant is rolling out its closed caption toggle to all users on iOS and Android. Twi

Poparazzi hits 5M+ downloads a year after launch, confirms its $15M Series A

Poparazzi, the anti-Instagram social app that hit the top of the App Store last year, is today, for the first time, detailing the growth stats for its business, its future plans and its previously unc
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