Linktree’s new mobile app allows users to manage their pages on the go

Linktree announced today that it’s launching a new mobile app on iOS and Android to make it easier for users to access its service. The new app will allow users to create a Linktree, add and manage links, customize their design and more from their phones. The goal of the app is to make it easier for creators to keep their Linktree up-to-date, the company says.

The app allows for quick content sharing capabilities, such as embedding a new Spotify song to your Linktree. Users can also use the app to design their Linktree with custom backgrounds, button styles, fonts, colors and more. In addition, the app gives users access to traffic and conversion metrics. Users can navigate to the Lifetime Analytics page in the app to track sales, payments and more to better understand their audience.

With the majority of user sign-ups and logins from Linktree users happening from a mobile device, Linktree says it recognized the demand for a mobile app. The company notes that the app is an organic next step for its business by allowing users to update their links on the go.

“We are thrilled to launch the Linktree mobile app as we continue to broaden the link-in-bio category we created, ultimately offering creators new ways to link everything they are, anywhere they are,” Linktree CEO and co-founder Alex Zaccaria said in a statement. “Linktree users will be able to set up and manage their profiles on the go, all from their mobile devices – essentially making processes faster and easier for busy individuals so they can focus more time on creating content, and doing what they do best. The Linktree app is the latest update that speaks to the ever-evolving needs of our users.”

Linktree mobile app

Image Credits: Linktree

The launch of the new app comes as Linktree says it’s working to advance beyond the “link-in-bio” category. The company recently launched a new brand vision to go from being seen as just a “link in bio” tool to being a brand that encourages discovery, connection and community. The launch of an app will give the company a leg up on its competitors, such as Shorby and Link in Profile.

Last month, the company launched a new one-stop directory for users to browse its platform partners and integrations. The new hub, which is called Linktree Marketplace, is designed to drive exposure to its partnerships. Linktree also introduced Link Apps, which embed Linktree partners’ digital experiences and services for platform visitors, including NFT galleries, gaming launches, music, social media pages and shopping directly within users’ Linktree landing pages.

Linktree recently also revealed a set of new features that will allow creators to showcase their NFTs and “build a community around ownership.” The new features were developed in partnership with NFT marketplace OpenSea. The company’s new “NFT Gallery” link feature allows users to showcase their NFTs on their Linktree. Creators can also use their NFTs as their profile images or backgrounds on their Linktree after they connect their wallets.

The company raised a $110 million all equity round in March, bringing its valuation to a whopping $1.3 billion. Following the raise, Linktree says it’s been focused on introducing new revenue streams and creating additional value for creators and brands. The company says it has 1.2 billion unique visitors a month.