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YouTube founder secretly building sports fan game GreenPark

Chad Hurley is hunting for what comes after fantasy sports. He envisions a new way for fans to play by watching live and cheering for the athletes they love. Beyond a few scraps of info the YouTube co

Supercell acquires 62% of London’s Space Ape Games for $55.8M

Some consolidation is afoot in the world of gaming. Today, Space Ape Games — a London social and mobile games studio founded by alums from Playfish, Mind Candy and EA — announced that Supe

Activision Blizzard Closes Its $5.9B Acquisition Of King, Makers Of Candy Crush

Activision Blizzard today announced that it has closed its acquisition of King Digital for $5.9 billion, a deal that it says makes it the largest game network in the world with more than 500 million u

Chat App Viber Introduces Games In An Initial 5 Countries, Plans Global Rollout In 2015

It's been quite a year for Viber, and now the mobile messaging company is seeing out 2014 with arguably its most significant release to date: the launch of a social games platform.

What Games Are: What Became Of Social Games?

Remember social games? Remember how they supposed to be the future, how they were transforming the games industry and all that? No? Strangely not many people seem to think about social games any more,

Social Casino Games Are Among The Most Lucrative Mobile Gaming Categories, Says Distimo

Though they receive much less attention than other apps, social casino games are one of the top-grossing categories in mobile gaming, says a new report by Distimo. The report used data from Distimo Ap

Candy Crush Maker King Files For IPO To Raise Up To $533M

<a target="_blank" href="">King</a>, the European makers of the hit game Candy Crush Saga, today moved one step closer to an IPO in the U.S., filing an <a target="_blank" href="http

What Games Are: The Future Of Pervasive Games

Games as a service exist, but are often still tied to the idea of one primary device. At the same time software is moving away from one device into a more pervasive experience that follows you around

What Games Are: The Shady Side Of Games

A lot of recent moves in the gaming space to ban, investigate or curtail certain aspects of its output can seem egregious. However seen in the light of how shady game makers tend to behave, and the ne

With 9B Games Played Each Month, Grabs No.1 Slot On Facebook With Candy Crush Saga And Moves Into Japan And Korea

<a target="_blank" href=""></a>, the casual social games maker, today is announcing a couple of milestones in its growth: the company's Candy Crush Saga is now the number-one ov

Zynga Confirms It Will Close Its Japan Operation At The End Of January As Consolidation Continues To Bite The Social Gaming Company

Social gaming giant <a target="_blank" href="">Zynga</a> has now confirmed that it will be closing down its <a target="_blank" href="">Japan operation</a>, as

Games Industry Transitions In 2013: Will Consoles And Windows Rise Again?

For retailers and publishers in video games, Christmas is the busiest time of the year. On the digital side, Christmas is often one of the slower periods but, when the dust settles and spring begins,

Wedge Buster Lands $2.2M From Drew Brees, Rob Dyrdek & Others To Build The “Zynga For Sports”

Mobile and social gaming have exploded in popularity over the last few years and both are quickly becoming multi-billion dollar industries. With an estimated 35 million players in the U.S., <a href="h

Social Gaming, Dating Account For The Biggest Growth In Carrier Billing

Over the last year, we have seen some notable advances in mobile carrier billing -- which lets people pay for services and content on their phones by charging it to their carrier bills: <a target="_bl

Name That Tune: SongPop Has Now Racked Up 25M Users, 4M Of Them Daily

Social games come and go but for now the buzz around SongPop continues. Today publisher <a target="_blank" href="">FreshPlanet</a> <a target="_blank" href="http://www.prnewsw

Gourmet Ranch’s Playdemic Raises $4M Led By IBM’s Watson Family For Cross-Platform Social Gaming

<a target="_blank" href="">Playdemic</a>, a UK-based developer of social games, has announced a $4 million round of funding from a group of investors, with $3 million of that f

Big Fish Casino Raises The Stakes On iPhone With Real-Money Gambling

Would you like to bet on what may be the next big thing in games? Place a wager on real-money gambling, and you could be in for some good returns. Today, when games developer <a target="_blank" href="

Facebook Says It Now Has 235M Monthly Gamers, App Center Hits 150M Monthly Visitors

<a target="_blank" href="">Facebook's</a> push for more engagement on its platform, to drive advertising and other monetization efforts (and to counterbalance that <a target="_b

Bingo! Facebook Gambles On Games Using Real Money, Not Credits, To Engage Users

For the last three quarters, Facebook has been <a href="">struggling to move the needle</a> on i

Zynga Explains “Challenging” Q2: Facebook Platform Changes, Late Launches, Draw Something Drops

Why <a href="">did Zynga generate revenue of $332 million</a> versus the analyst-projected $344 million, earning 3 cents per share instead of 5 (an
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