Name That Tune: SongPop Has Now Racked Up 25M Users, 4M Of Them Daily

Social games come and go but for now the buzz around SongPop continues. Today publisher FreshPlanet announced some landmark numbers, which point to how the music game — where users play each other in a kind of “name that tune” face-off in different categories — is still seeing significant growth. Three months after launch, it has 25 million unique players, and has 4 million daily active users.

That means SongPop, first launched in May, has effectively doubled users in under two months. In July, it reported it had 2 million daily active users. That puts it, according to Inside Social Apps, at number 12 for its daily active users — apps like Instagram and Microsoft Live have 10m and 12m respectively. But it is at number two in speed of growth, second to the Washington Post Social Reader.

FreshPlanet also notes that SongPop now has over 16 million monthly active users on Facebook. It is available on and also via Facebook to play on iPhone and Android handsets.

As we pointed out before, the game has had some pretty key endorsements from the tech early-adopter set — with Mark Zuckerberg enthusing about how fun and addictive it is; and Michael Arrington slightly more high-minded in his praise for how it is a “much better implementation of simulated synchronous gameplay” than Draw Something.

Looks like the punters agree, for now at least. The specter of declining interest — a problem that the game Draw Something found after its meteoric rise — should lead the company to other ways of monetizing beyond the in-app “power up” purchases, or thinking of stronger follow-up games.

In addition to adding more playlists, and premium versions with more clips and more challenging gameplay, there are other features coming such as in-game chat.

And there is the possibility for wider music e-commerce outside of the game: In July, CEO Mathieu Nouzareth said that the game had already driven 100,000 people to iTunes to buy tracks.