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After Two Years In Stealth, Smart Lock Maker Latch Talks Funding, Features

On the surface, the smart lock space can seem pretty crowded already, with names like Lockitron and August and Kisi apparently in play for several years. But New York based Latch contends it's mostly

August Debuts Three Products And Its Partner Platform ‘August Access’

Unlocking your door might not sound exciting, but once you've seen an August Smart Lock in action, you'll change your mind. The company behind it, August, is doubling down on the connected home with a

August’s Smart Lock Goes On Sale Online And At Apple Retail Stores For $250

After more than a year since it was first announced, the <a target="_blank" href="">August Smart Lock</a> is finally going on sale. The device will be shipping to pre-order custo

Noke Is A Simple, Keyless Bluetooth Padlock To Share Access To Your Stuff

Meet Noke: a water-resistant connected padlock that doesn't need a physical key to be unlocked -- the clue is in the name, which is pronounced 'no-key' -- instead it uses Bluetooth connectivity as the

TEO Is A Smart Padlock That You Control Via Bluetooth From Your Smartphone

[kickstarter url= width=640] Smart locks are all the rage these days, and it makes sense: using a device instead of a

Home Automation Startup August Raises $8 Million From Maveron To Make Smart Locks Mainstream

Home automation startup <a target="_blank" href="">August</a> is getting ready to start shipping its first product to consumers early next year. But first, it's raised a bit more

BitLock Is A Smart Bike Lock That Lets You Share Your Bike, Map & Track Your Rides

BitLock is a smart lock for your bike that uses Bluetooth LE/4.0 to do away with physical keys -- allowing you to lock and unlock your ride based on the proximity of your smartphone to your bike (or d