• The $999 SlingStudio makes it easy to produce multi-camera Facebook Live and YouTube streams

    The $999 SlingStudio makes it easy to produce multi-camera Facebook Live and YouTube streams

    Sling Media, the Dish subsidiary you probably know for its Slingbox and Sling TV service, is announcing its SlingStudio hardware today. With this, Sling Media is entering a completely new market because unlike its previous offerings, which targeted consumers, the $999 SlingStudio is meant for video creators who want to produce live video streams for Facebook Live or YouTube. Typically… Read More

  • Slingbox Debuts Its M2 Set-Top Box For “Cord-Stretchers,” Now Comes With Free Mobile Apps

    Slingbox Debuts Its M2 Set-Top Box For “Cord-Stretchers,” Now Comes With Free Mobile Apps

    Slingbox was one of the first companies to re-envision how consumers thought about watching television by introducing hardware that allowed users to view their media remotely over the Internet. Today the company, a subsidiary of EchoStar, is looking to better cater to streaming TV consumers with its latest product, the Slingbox M2. The new device is an iteration on the company’s… Read More

  • Sling TV Arrives On Xbox One

    Sling TV Arrives On Xbox One

    Sling TV, the over-the-top streaming service that brings live content without the big price tags of cable bundles makes the leap to Xbox One today. The Sling TV offering provides access to a variety of channels, including AMC, TNT, ESPN and ESPN2 for only $20 a month, plus more options via inexpensive add-on packs. Xbox One support was announced back in January, but the arrival of the… Read More

  • Sling TV Comes To Amazon Fire TV With A Steep Hardware Discount

    Sling TV Comes To Amazon Fire TV With A Steep Hardware Discount

    Amazon today announced that its Fire TV streaming set-top box and HDMI stick now support Sling TV, the subscription-based live TV service that offers users an alternative to cable that streams via the web for $20 per month. As part of its promotion for the launch, Amazon and Sling are also offering a discount for Fire TV hardware for subscribers who prepay for three months of Sling TV… Read More

  • Gilmor Gang - Down with Apps

    Gillmor Gang 12.24.11 (TCTV)

    The Gillmor Gang — Robert Scoble, John Taschek, Kevin Marks, and Steve Gillmor — took a WiFi stroll through the forest that is Hollywood’s attempt to lock down our TVs. It’s really too late, what with SOPA boycotts, reverse engineering of the Apple AirPlay bus, and Microsoft’s slow fade from CES underway. But that doesn’t stop the Cartel from trying. It may… Read More

  • The SlingPlayer App Makes Its Way To The Boxee Box

    The SlingPlayer App Makes Its Way To The Boxee Box

    Boxee Box owners, get ready for even more content. The SlingPlayer app is available for your downloading (auto-playing video warning) and ready to catch content slung from a SlingBox Solo or Pro-HD. This simple app allows big things. When paired with the appropriate SlingBox, Boxee Box users will be able to remotely control and access a cable box, DVR or satellite receiver. This turns the… Read More

  • Slingbox Facebook App Goes Live, Isn’t Great At Sharing

    Slingbox Facebook App Goes Live, Isn’t Great At Sharing

    Slingbox has made the act of watching your television from anywhere stupendously easy over the years, and now the company has added yet another way to catch up on Community on the go: now you can watch from your Facebook account. Read More

  • Sling Media Launches $29.99 SlingPlayer App For Android ‘Honeycomb’ Tablets

    Sling Media Launches $29.99 SlingPlayer App For Android ‘Honeycomb’ Tablets

    Sling Media, an EchoStar subsidiary, this morning announced the availability of SlingPlayer for tablets running Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) or later. The app is available on Android Market now and costs $29.99, the same price Sling Media charges for any of its mobile applications. The application basically lets Slingbox owners watch home TV from their Android tablets. (The Slingbox retails for… Read More

  • Dish Network's Remote Access App Streams Content From Slingbox To iPad

    If you’re one of the lucky few who own an iPad, subscribe to Dish Network and have a Slingbox, well then, the new Dish Network app Remote Access will probably make you smile. The app just hit the App Store and allows iPad users to watch live and recorded programs via the magical workings of the Slingbox. This changes everything. The app also has the power to browse and search nine days… Read More

  • Sling drops four new devices, all of which are worth a passing, if mention

    Slingbox has released four new placeshifting devices. They are, in order of appearance: Slingbox 700U
    This box allows HD receivers to “sling” their “content” over the “Internet” directly, cutting out the laborous process of videotaping TV, converting it at one of those strip mall conversion places, and mailing it in the post. It connects to any set-top box… Read More

  • TC50: Spawn Labs Is Slingbox For Video Games

    Slingbox owners love their devices. They allow you to watch your home television content anywhere you are in the world with an Internet connection. A new startup, Spawn Labs, launching today at TechCrunch50 wants to extend that concept to video games. But Spawn Labs offering is actually a bit more robust because it includes a social element as well. A key part to playing video games is… Read More

  • Woot! Slingbox SOLO for $99 (refurb)

    Woot! is selling a refurbished Slingbox SOLO (why do companies insist on capitalizing words for no reason) for $99.99 plus $5 for shipping. This same unit, new, sells for well over $150 elsewhere. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Upgrade program for old Slingbox owners

    The new Slingboxes can do some nifty things, including stream content to iPhones, but for some odd reason, the older boxes don’t possess the magic software to do so. Owners of the older boxes can buy into what might be greed on Sling’s part buy taking advantage of a $50 upgrade discount on new equipment. Read More

  • The Vip 922 HD DuoDVR: A Dish Network DVR with built-in Slingbox tech

    Man alive! Dish Network will have a DVR with built-in Slingbox tech. It’s the Vip 922 HD DuoDVR; we don’t know when it’ll be available, nor do we have any pics. Later today, I suppose. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: HAVA Platinum HD streamer for $87

    Amazon has the Slingbox-like HAVA Platinum HD extender for $86.99, down from its $149.99 list price. The box takes in an HD video signal and streams it back out over your home network via the built-in Ethernet port. Video on your local network gets compressed as DVD-quality MPEG-2, while you’re also able to watch everything over the internet, too, compressed as MP4 files. The HAVA can… Read More

  • Sling opens Hulu competitor

    Sling Media, the company behind the popular Slingbox TV-streaming hardware devices, has opened the gates to its video portal The site pits Sling directly against Joost and Hulu (though Hulu is a Sling partner), allowing users to stream a variety of television shows and movies for free through an intuitive Flash player. Sling’s selection of media is pretty comprehensive… Read More

  • TiVo coming to Blackberrys; addiction rates set to skyrocket

    The details are slim at this point, but sometime in the near future, Blackberry owners will be able to control their TiVos while on the go.  Initially, BlackBerry smartphone users will gain the convenience of being able to discover what shows are on and schedule television recordings while away from the living room and on the go. Future collaboration between the companies will focus on… Read More

  • Slingbox Pro-HD, SlingCatcher up for pre-order

    Attention Sling fans- The Pro-HD is finally shipping and it’s cheaper than what we reported from CES at $300. The SlingCatcher is a bit more than Sling was hoping for, but it, too, is $300. via Zatznotfunny Read More

  • Sling releases concept iPhone app

    A man named MegaZone (his real name, which, thinking about it, is really cool, like Cher in a Gundam suit) emailed us explaining that he now represents Sling and wanted to share with us the news that Sling has created a version of its software for the iPhone. You, too, can even take a look. He writes: We have a proof of concept version of SlingPlayer Mobile already running on ‘jail… Read More