The SlingPlayer App Makes Its Way To The Boxee Box

Boxee Box owners, get ready for even more content. The SlingPlayer app is available for your downloading (auto-playing video warning) and ready to catch content slung from a SlingBox Solo or Pro-HD.

This simple app allows big things. When paired with the appropriate SlingBox, Boxee Box users will be able to remotely control and access a cable box, DVR or satellite receiver. This turns the Boxee Box into a content consuming monster.

The SlingBox sits alongside a set-top cable or satellite box and essentially captures the video stream. It then allows users to remote access and control the connected box. This stream is then broadcasted online where owners can access it via a web browser, smartphone, tablet, and, just recently, Facebook. The Boxee Box app is just the latest addition.

With a connected SlingBox, a Boxee Box basically turns into a one-stop-shop. The device was already one of the best streamer with access to most online video sources including Netflix and all the media companies. Now, as long as there’s a SlingBox in play, the ‘Box has access to cable content. Put a SlingBox on one of your cable boxes and then install the Boxee Box on a bedroom TV. Or, even better, convince one of your buddies to let you put a SlingBox on one of his cable boxes.

The app was demonstrated over the summer prior to its beta phase. The two companies took to the wire this morning to announce the app is finally ready. Fortunately there doesn’t seem to be a cost for the app or service.