• Skytap raises $45M for its enterprise cloud

    Skytap raises $45M for its enterprise cloud

    Skytap is probably one of the more interesting clouds right now. Unlike so many other startups, it’s not trying to offer enterprises specific cloud computing services on top of one of the big platforms like AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform. Instead, the company actually runs its own cloud with the goal of helping enterprises that want to modernize their infrastructure bring their… Read More

  • Skytap Now Ports To The Amazon Cloud

    Skytap Now Ports To The Amazon Cloud

    Cloud automation company Skytap┬áhas launched advanced integration capabilities with Amazon Web Services (AWS) that allow customers to develop and test on Skytap Cloud workloads that mirror AWS production environments. The company provides a platform that has until now been used for VMware-based environments. Companies export their virtual machines to Skytap and then provision accordingly. Read More

  • Skytap Raises $10 Million For Cloud Automation Solutions

    Skytap, which provides cloud automation solutions for enterprises and software vendors to develop, test and demo cloud applications, has raised $10 million in funding, according to this SEC filing. This brings the total amount of financing raised by the company to a healthy $23 million. Read More