Lithuania’s StartupHighway Bootcamp Plugs Into The Valley With Line In To Berkeley’s SkyDeck

Lithuania’s StartupHighway accelerator/bootcamp has secured a line in to Silicon Valley for its 2014 intake — partnering with the SkyDeck accelerator at UC Berkeley to enable one or more

Skydeck Quietly Becomes Mr. Number, Hits 2 Million Users, Brings Status Alerts And More To Mobile

<img src="" />Sometimes, when you're building a business, you just have to go with what works -- even if that means a substantial pivot

Skydeck Mashed Up With Google Voice Could Be The Perfect Combination

<img src="" width="129" height="200" /> One of the few necessary evils that accompanies the uber-cool recently launched <a href="htt

Skydeck Now Puts All Your Calls, Contacts, and Voicemails On The Web

<img src="" /> Today, mobile startup <a href="">SkyDeck</a> is coming out of beta with a serious set of features t

SkyDeck Raises $3 Million To Manage, Enhance Your Phone Bill

<a href=""><img src="" class="shot2" /></a> <a href="">SkyDeck</a>, the si

Skydeck Goes Social And Releases APIs (700 Invites)

In a New York Times Op-Ed last December, Tim O’Reilly fantasized: Imagine, for a moment, that Verizon were to think like Google or Amazon. It could give you access to your entire call history, e

Skydeck Helps You Manage The Social Network Locked In Your Phone (500 Invites For Private Beta)

“Your most important social network is the one in your phone,” says Skydeck CEO Jason Devitt. With Skydeck, he hopes to do the impossible: turn your cell phone bill into something useful.