SkyDeck Raises $3 Million To Manage, Enhance Your Phone Bill

SkyDeck, the site that uses your mobile phone bills to help you manage and analyze your relationships with your peers, has closed a $3 million Series A funding round led by Saban Ventures. The round brings SkyDeck’s total funding to $4 million, as it had previously raised $1 million in angel funding.

SkyDeck originally launched its private beta in March with a basic set of features that allowed users to automatically pair contacts from their address books to calls in their phone records (we likened it to a Xobni for cell phones). In June the site expanded its social features, giving users the ability to connect with their friends (they can also see how relationships are skewed based on who is calling whom). The site is now available in a public beta, which you can join here.

Beyond social networking and bill management, SkyDeck also offers a powerful API with a large number of practical applications. Included in the list of apps that are possible (though still hypothetical) are comprehensive lists of communication you’ve had with your peers, including Email, text messaging and voice – something that would be a boon for businesses that have to manage a large number of clients.

As part of the deal Saban’s Craig Cooper will join SkyDeck’s Board of Directors. Cooper is notable in the mobile phone industry for co-founding Boost Mobile and EBT Mobile China.