Moscow Startups Build Their Own Ecosystem In An Old Telegraph Station

Aside from Russia’s somewhat grandiose “Skolkovo” project to replicate a Silicon Valley-style startup campus just outside of Moscow, entrepreneurs who have preferred to stay outside any

Skolkovo, Russia’s Massive Project To Emulate Silicon Valley, Gets A $4B Commitment

Skolkovo, the much debated public effort by the Russian government to kickstart a startup culture inside the country, said it secured another 135.6 billion ruble ($4 billion) commitment from the gove

Russia Hopes The Skolkovo Tech City Will Produce Its Great Leap Forward

During the height of the Cold War the Soviet Union built up a network of "Naukograd" or "Science Cities". These were state-created clusters of scientists working on technologies that could help it com

Russia Gears Up To Enter The Patent Race With New IP Reforms. Will It Kickstart Startups?

Russia's government is looking to reform intellectual property law in the country, a move that could have an effect on how many patents get registered, and on the number of startups in a country known

The Game Is Not Over For Facebook, Google In Russia (But There Is Work To Do)

Russia, like China, is a market full of tech promise, but in the face of strong local competiton, it is one that has also proven to be tough nut to crack for big U.S. companies looking for internation

Skolkovo: Cisco, Bessemer Venture Partners Put Millions Into Russia’s Latest Answer To Silicon Valley

In the debate over whether there can ever exist "another Silicon Valley" and where, exactly, it would be, add in another contender: Skolkovo, an ambitious high-tech sprawl being built outside of Mosco

US Fund To Invest $250 Million In Skolkovo, The "Russian Silicon Valley"

<img src="" /> <a href="">Siguler Guff & Company</a>, a US-based private equity firm with over $8.5 billion