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China roundup: Alibaba’s sexual assault scandal and more delayed IPOs

A sexual assault case at Alibaba has sparked a new round of #MeToo reckoning in China. Industry observers believe this is a watershed moment for the fight against China's allegedly misogynist tech ind

China’s gay dating app Blued eyes Nasdaq IPO to expand overseas

It was around 20 years ago when Baoli Ma hid in his bedroom feeling helpless and lonely for being a gay man in China. Life has changed dramatically for Ma since then. This week, BlueCity, the gay dati

The forgotten ‘Facebook of China’ is sold for $20M

Renren, which was once heralded as the ‘Facebook of China’ and later became China’s answer to MySpace after falling out of fashion among its core young users, is selling its social n

Twitter posts record $100M profit but loses 1M users

The social media apocalypse is on us this week. Days after Facebook’s stock took a record $123 billion plunge on a poor earnings report, Twitter’s shares are down nearly 20 percent after

Weibo users given one-week warning to provide real names

The 340 million users of Sina Weibo, China's popular microblogging service, have been given one week to link their accounts to a real name. The crackdown is being conducted in order to comply with new

NFL games are now live streaming on China’s Sina Weibo network

The NFL is hoping to expand its presence in China with a new deal that gives social media platform, Sina Weibo – often called China’s Twitter –  the rights to live stream select gam Punished For Pornographic Content By China’s Government

The Chinese government has fined and made arrests in connection with an investigation that alleges the site facilitated the distribution of pornographic content. Though China has a well-estab

Weibo’s IPO May Underwhelm, But Don’t Discount Other Chinese Tech Stocks

Weibo, the influential microblogging service owned by Sina, has reportedly raised just $285.6 million in its initial public offering, according to Bloomberg. The service's underwhelming IPO, however,

Chinese Internet Giants Alibaba and Sina Weibo Partner Up To Launch Weibo Payment

Sina Weibo, the microblogging platform often called China's Twitter, has partnered up with Alipay to launch a new payment platform called Weibo Payment. Users of Sina Weibo's iOS app can now access We

Alibaba Bans Messaging App WeChat, Pushes Weibo Instead

A fleeting affair between two of China's biggest tech successes has ended acrimoniously after e-commerce giant Alibaba banned sellers from using Tencent's popular messaging app, WeChat.

Alibaba Group’s New Stake In Sina Weibo May Help Its Nascent Smartphone OS Gain Traction Against Android & iOS

Pouring $586 million in Sina Weibo gives Alibaba Group several perks, including an inroad into social media and access to the microblogging platform’s data. Not only that, but its new 18 percent

Study Shows Censorship On Sina Weibo Is A ‘Sophisticated’ And Very Speedy Operation

Known as the Twitter of China, Sina Weibo is also infamous in the West for the number of high profile users who have had tweets censored, including Kai-fu Lee. The former head of Google China, who was

Former Head Of Google China Kicked Off Sina & Tencent Weibo For Three Days

Kaifu Lee, former head of Google China and founder of Bejing-based startup incubator Innovation Works, <a target="_blank" href="">said on Twitter

Chinese Microblogging Giant Sina Weibo Adds English-Language Interface

<a target="_blank" href="">Sina Weibo</a>, the Chinese microblogging platform sometimes referred to as "China's Twitter," is finally offering an English-language interface, as <a targ

Sina Weibo Accounts Of Prominent Bloggers, Journalists & Activists Shuttered As China Clamps Down On Internet Users

The last week has been a troubling one for observers of Internet censorship in China, and things just got worse as several bloggers and activists had their Sina Weibo accounts shut down over the past

Sina’s 2013 Strategy Is “Mobile First,” CEO Charles Chao Says In Company-Wide Email

China-based tech blog <a target="_blank" href="">36kr</a> has published <a target="_blank" href="

Proposed Chinese Law May Force Sina Weibo To Implement Real-Name Registration

Chinese economics magazine Caijing <a target="_blank" href="

[Confirmed] NYTimes: All The News That’s Fit To Post (And Tweet) In China. NYT Chinese Site, Weibo Account Spotted

Looks like The New York Times' <a href="">groundbreaking, paywalled deal with Flipboard</a> was yesterday's news: today comes another development for t

A Geek’s Guide to China’s Silicon Valley

Twenty years ago, Zhongguancun was but farming fields and small houses, far from the city center of Beijing. The 'cun' at the end of Zhongguancun literally means 'village'. As with much else in China,

Tencent vs. Sina: The Fight for China’s Social Graph

In the West, the battle for the social graph is over for now. Facebook is the undisputed champion. All my Western friends use Facebook, and many are addicted. "If Facebook is the world's social gra
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