Apple says its App Store prevented over $2B in fraudulent transactions last year

Apple’s App Store prevented over $2 billion in potentially fraudulent transactions last year, the tech giant touted in a press release on Tuesday. The company says it rejected nearly 1.7 million

iOS 17 will reportedly set the stage for sideloading apps on iPhone

Apple has kept the iPhone app distribution system closed, allowing users to download the apps only from the App Store. But the company might be adding some gates to this walled garden to let people si

Apple will reportedly allow sideloading apps with iOS 17

After vehemently fighting “sideloading” alternative app stores on the iPhone, Apple is now apparently looking to allow them with iOS 17, which will come out next year, to comply with Europ

Tim Cook uses privacy keynote to attack sideloading

Apple CEO Tim Cook has used a speech at the IAPP conference in Washington, D.C. today to frame looming competition reforms which could force the iPhone maker to allow sideloading of apps as a threat t

To protect consumers, Congress should secure the app store supply chain

The Open App Markets Act introduces unintended, but potentially significant, device security risks by allowing app deliveries through unsupervised channels.

It’s time for tech to embrace security by design

Basic cybersecurity hygiene is key to protecting your devices against the most common types of malware, but we also need security built into technology to prevent these sophisticated cyberattacks.