• Stantt Uses Body-Scan Data To Create A Shirt For Every Body Type

    Stantt Uses Body-Scan Data To Create A Shirt For Every Body Type

    Clothing brands have begun using body-scan data to tweak their clothing sizes and to help customers find the right fit. But a new Kickstarter campaign is taking this method further by creating sizes from the ground up. With 50 different sizes modeled after body scans, Stantt wants to provide a quick and cheap alternative to custom-tailored clothing. Read More

  • Bleu Flamme Custom Shirt Site Now Offers 3D Models Of Your Lumpen, Misshapen Torso

    Bleu Flamme Custom Shirt Site Now Offers 3D Models Of Your Lumpen, Misshapen Torso

    Another day, another improved interface for the selection and creation of men’s dress clothing. Bleu Flamme, a custom shirt site that we covered a year ago, has just updated their ordering system to allow you to enter specific body measurements and then “see” how the shirt will look on your frame in real time. Read More

  • With Tech From Space, Ministry Of Supply Is Building The Next Generation Of Dress Shirts

    With Tech From Space, Ministry Of Supply Is Building The Next Generation Of Dress Shirts

    Nobody likes to admit it, but if you’re a working professional, there’s a good chance you’re familiar with sweat stains. The commute to work, the stress of meeting a deadline, the faulty air conditioning in the boardroom, cotton weaves — all of these things and many more have been known to conspire against you, the working professional. Luckily, Ministry of Supply… Read More

  • IndoChino Mixes Virtual Tailors With The Real, Plans Pop-Up Stores In US This Year

    IndoChino Mixes Virtual Tailors With The Real, Plans Pop-Up Stores In US This Year

    There are plenty of custom tailors on the Internet these days and they seem like the perfect business – you take a commodity product and spiff it up then send the work to places where expert custom manufacturers aren’t that hard to find (namely places like Hong Kong and Taiwan). The resulting products are bespoke and make the owners feel like they’re in on something special. Read More

  • BleuFlamme Lets You Make Your Own Custom Shirt In 3D

    If there’s one thing the world needs it’s a service that lets you build a shirt using 3D rendering technology. Sure we could use cars that run on water and world peace, but let’s get the little things out of the way, right? Thankfully, there’s BleuFlamme, a website created by a gaggle of eight engineers who have dedicated their lives to the sale of custom shirts. Read More

  • Proximity sensing shirts light up within ten feet of each other

    If you’ve grown bored of using any number of your human senses to tell when someone’s within ten feet of you, then it’s probably time to start trying to convince everyone around you to buy one of these $20 proximity sensing shirts. Read More

  • Shirt features playable guitar, flames

    The future, ladies and gentlemen. ThinkGeek has invented a tee shirt with a built-in playable guitar that uses a magnetic pick and included miniature amp to belt out any and all major cords. There’s a drum shirt, too, in case you’re more into rhythm. Read More

  • Zombie T-shirt! For free!

    Impress your friends and mortify your co-workers with this unassuming Resident Evil T-shirt that TRANSFORMS YOU INTO A ZOMBIE! Read More

  • Shirts your way

    You guys didn’t think I’d go to China and forget to bring you back something, did you? Sillies. My last day in Shanghai I met with Peter Crawfurd and Michael Yang the baby-faced founders of (Pictured here.) ShirtsMyWay allows you to customize a men’s dress shirt with trillions of possible combinations of details, from the material on the collar to the… Read More

  • ‘Sith Abandon Ship’ shirt makes water landings funny

    Well crafted, Simon Noynay. Your $20 “Sith Abandon Ship” shirt brings a grin to my grizzled, weary face. If I was still in my early- to mid-twenties, I might be able to pull off wearing a shirt like this. Alas, I’m six months from 30 and will leave such tasks to a younger generation. Look at Vader! It’s almost as if the JOLT from the landing didn’t phase him at… Read More

  • Here’s an expensive shirt with two USB-powered fans

    It’s hot out there. If only someone would invent a shirt with two 10cm fans powered by USB, 4AA batteries, or a car’s cigarette lighter. Oh hey, here’s one right here. The USB Air Conditioned Shirt costs a whopping $169. Again, it’s a shirt with two fans in it that are powered by USB, batteries, or DC power — for $169. Plus, if you’re the type that likes… Read More

  • Travel Advisory: Optimus Prime is a security threat

    The guy in the photo here, UK resident Brad Jayakody, tried to board an airplane wearing that Transformers T-shirt and was told by security at London’s Heathrow airport, “You cannot get on the plane because there is a gun on your T-shirt,” according to The Sun.  Luckily, Brad was able to change into a different shirt in order to board the plane. A spokesperson for… Read More

  • Interview with Mike Oh, the guy who buried his company's shirt under the Boston Apple Store

    [ Mike Oh owns a store called Tech Superpowers. Guess where it happens to be located? Right across the alley from the new Apple Store. You may or may not have heard about the New York Yankees organization digging up a Boston Red Sox jersey that a construction worker buried under Yankee Stadium, but while that was making headlines, Oh slipped over to… Read More

  • CNN's hackable headline T-shirt web app

    This is a great little fun hack. CNN is now selling T-shirts of your favorite headlines. We’re not sure why, they just are. The fun part is you can change the URL to say anything you want, making for many hilarious possibilities. Take, for example, this headline I made up: “John Biggs Eats Twigs; Pope Condemns.” It’s totally fake! I made that up! The Pope has never… Read More

  • Shirts that give you health when you're close to your other

    [photopress:hugshirts_1.jpg,full,center] We’re coming up to Valentine’s Day, 2008, and here I am again without a date. Ok, not true, I have two dates, but it’s not like that. Ok, it is if I’m lucky. Anyway, the point is, there are these shirts, see, and when you and your signif are wearing them, and you come within hugging distance (which is a scientific constant… Read More

  • Im in ur ______ ______ing ur ______

    <img src=" combo, as you use a washable marker to tell everyone, "im in ur mom, borking your unborn retarded sister". OK, that's maybe a bit much, but I'm hardcore, jerks. And it's under $20, so with markers and shipping you can get a perfect gift for your perfect geek and a perfect price. Why don't we… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: ScottEVest Secret Sale

    We like our SeV so, in order to share our love, we’d like to mention their secret sale going on now until monday. Their Fleece 4.0 jacket is $100 and their 237D Jacket/Vest is $98. Not a big deal, but it might be a good chance to check them out for cheap. Trust us. You won’t look as douchey as this guy here. Read More

  • Help Crash the System

    Here’s a fun contest for you gamer types. G8 makes gamer apparel — I know, you’re thinking Depends and one of those Camelbak water systems are all you need, but you do have to leave the house sometimes. To that end, they’ve decided to offer us some goodies to give away. I have one “Crash the System” tee that will go to one lucky commentator who writes… Read More

  • Mannequins in motion

    Have you ever been shopping for clothes and spotted a killer outfit that really suits your style? I know I have, but the problem is, I want to see how I’ll look walking around in it. Sure, I can throw a t-shirt on and see how it looks, but how will others see me when I’m running from the police due to a petty vandalism charge? Enter the Moving Mannequin. For $12,000, your boutique… Read More