Spaceflight aims to send customer payloads to two separate orbits for the first time

Launch services provider Spaceflight Inc. said Tuesday it will deploy customer spacecraft to two distinct orbits for the first time, as the company seeks to expand the capabilities of its Sherpa line

Sherpa raises $8.5M to expand from conversational AI to B2B privacy-first federated learning services

Sherpa, a startup from Bilbao, Spain that was an early mover in building a voice-based digital assistant and predictive search for Spanish-speaking audiences, has raised some more funding to double do

Spaceflight Inc. debuts new orbital transfer vehicle for satellite rideshare rocket launches

Seattle-based space rideshare service provider Spaceflight Inc. revealed its next-generation orbital transfer vehicle today, the Sherpa-FX. The new spacecraft acts as a deployment spacecraft for combi

Rocket Lab successfully launches rideshare rocket with two experimental USAF satellites on board

Rocket Lab has successfully launched its eighth mission, an Electron rocket rideshare flight carrying four satellites to orbit for various clients. The Electron launched from Rocket Lab’s Launch

Sherpa, a Spanish voice assistant, expands Series A to $15M as it passes 5M users

When we think of the AI platforms that are shaping how we use voice to interact with phones, home devices and other services, we tend to think of Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Google and M

Sherpa, the Spanish personal assistant, launches an API for its predictive AI with Porsche as 1st customer

Sherpa, a personal assistant startup that has carved out a niche for itself by focusing on the Spanish-language market (alongside English) and predictive suggestions, is expanding. The company is laun

Sherpa turns Instagram’s best photos into a travel guide

There are many places to find travel inspiration. But a new application called Sherpa launching this week believes that some of the best travel ideas can be found on Instagram. The iOS application cur

Sherpa, a Spanish-language AI-based personal assistant, raises $6.5M

We’ve seen a big rise in apps and bots, and a lot of them have something in common besides being based on artificial intelligence and machine learning: many of them are written first (or only

Storehouse Raises $7M From SherpaVentures And Others To Move Its Story Beyond The iPad

Storehouse is a company we’ve written about a bit before. It’s a beautifully constructed iPad app that lets you build stories on the fly from text, video and images. It features one of the best vi

Virtual Personal Assistant Sherpa Offers Up Its Help To Android Users In The UK

<a target="_blank" href="">Sherpa</a>, the virtual personal assistant for Android (and indirect competitor to Apple's Siri), has <a target="_blank" href="

Sherpa, The Top Spanish-Speaking Personal Assistant App, Comes To The U.S. For Android [TCTV]

The “personal assistant” craze is in full effect on mobile devices, with Apple’s SIRI kicking off the fun. The dream of being able to speak out loud and have information come back to

Personal Assistant App Sherpa Raises $1.6M

<a target="_blank" href="">Sherpa</a>, a personal assistant app that launched initially in the Spanish-speaking world, just announced that it has raised $1.7 million in funding from

Menlo’s Shervin Pishevar And Goldman’s Scott Stanford Leave Their Day Jobs To Do Something Really Vague, By Design

Menlo Ventures' Shervin Pishevar and Goldman Sachs managing director Scott Stanford have left their day jobs to build a new venture called Sherpa. The creation of the firm, which was first reported by