Shawn Fanning

  • Shawn Fanning And Sean Parker Are Back With An Ambitious New Project; Investors Abound

    Longtime collaborators Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker are back together working on an ambitious new project, we’ve learned. In 1999, Fanning and Parker introduced the world to Napster. Their music sharing service was absolutely culture changing and ushered in a new wave of excitement about the web. Now, over a decade later, they’re back at it. And the new project is nothing if… Read More

  • Dave Morin on Why Smaller Networks Are Better and Photo Apps Aren't Last Week's News (TCTV)

    We grabbed Dave Morin, Path co-founder and CEO, amid his many press interviews and on very little sleep, to ask some of the harder questions that some are raising about the much-hyped new photo sharing application, Path. In particular we were wondering why this site took so long, so much staff and so much money to build compared to other apps, and if it’s really solving a big problem. Read More

  • Shawn Fanning’s Supyo, Inc Gets $200K In Funding

    According to SEC Form D filings, former Napster founder and Chatroulette adviser Shawn Fanning and Voxli founder Joey Liaw have raised $200k in funding for what is listed on the document as Supyo, Inc. What the listing does not make clear is whether Supyo, Inc is a placeholder for something else, as seems to be someone’s personal site. Calling the number associated with the… Read More

  • Napster Dude Working On WoW Social Networking Site

    Back when pirating music was in vogue, a guy named Shawn Fanning made a little program called Napster. It enabled P2P file sharing and piracy to skyrocket in less than a year. So after Shawn sold Napster, got some cash, and got sued, he apparently sat down and got really into this game you may have heard of: World of Warcraft. Fanning is now working on a social networking site called… Read More