Shawn Fanning’s Supyo, Inc Gets $200K In Funding

According to SEC Form D filings, former Napster founder and Chatroulette adviser Shawn Fanning and Voxli founder Joey Liaw have raised $200k in funding for what is listed on the SEC document as “Supyo, Inc.”

What the listing does not make clear is whether Supyo, Inc is a placeholder for something else, as seems to be someone’s personal site. Calling the number associated with the filings gets a receptionist, who confirms that Supyo, Inc is in fact a holding company, and that Liaw and Fanning are both involved.

According to the receptionist, the Supyo, Inc funding has nothing to do with Path, which Fanning also co-founded. I’ve left my number with Fanning and will update this post as soon as he gets back to me.

Thanks: FormDs