• ShareMyPlaylists re-launches to ride a bigger Spotify wave

    ShareMyPlaylists, the music social network built on top of Spotify with the specific purpose of sharing playlists, has been given a complete re-write along with a new shiny logo to boot. Dumping its previous infrastructure based on WordPress and Buddypress (you’d be surprised how many social offerings start off that way such is the low barrier of entry), the site has been re-engineered… Read More

  • Want to advertise on Spotify? BigAudioAds could be the answer

    Kieron Donoghue, the guy behind ShareMyPlaylists, appears to be riding the Spotify wave again. Today he launches, a service designed to make it easier to produce a professional sounding audio ad ready for ‘broadcast’ on ad-supported music streaming services such as Spotify and the UK’s We7. Although, of course, the resulting ads can be placed anywhere. Right… Read More

  • Can Spotify sustain an ecosystem? ShareMyPlaylists gets funded

    When Spotify upgraded its player, adding a bunch of social features, we feared for the many startups who were already piggybacking the service with their own playlist sharing sites. In fact, on the very same day one such offering,, announced that it had received a significant round of funding, news which was largely buried under the weight of Spotify’s news. Which… Read More

  • ShareMyPlaylists brings the social to Spotify

    Ever wished Spotify were a litte more… social? That you could share playlists with friends and discuss your favourite tracks? Well, you have been able to for a while with community site ShareMyPlaylists, but the site has just relaunched. The result that its name is now deceiving: you can do an awful lot more than just share playlists. In fact, with its “wire” (a bit like a… Read More