ShareMyPlaylists lands on iPad ahead of the mothership connection

ShareMyPlaylists, the music social network built on top of Spotify with the specific purpose of sharing playlists, has landed on the iPad. Interestingly, this is before the European music streaming service has its own dedicated app for Apple’s tablet.

That’s perhaps a little odd (or preemptive) considering how closely the two services are tied, although ShareMyPlaylists founder Kieron Donoghue says that the company didn’t want to hold out given that the experience of browsing and discovering playlists using the iPad app won’t be prohibited by the lack of a dedicated client on Spotify’s side – the Spotify iPhone app works on the iPad either way.

In terms of what the iPad app delivers, it’s similar to ShareMyPlaylists’ existing iPhone and Android offerings, giving access to “tens of thousands of ready-made high quality Spotify playlists”, along with the ability to search by artist, track title and playlist title.

In addition, the app enables 1 click access to playlists; a user simply chooses a playlist and the app will automatically open the Spotify app and begin playing. There’s also the ability to easily browse ShareMyPlaylists’ “Featured playlists” from the homepage and the latest playlists listed by genre.