ShareMyPlaylists re-launches to ride a bigger Spotify wave

ShareMyPlaylists, the music social network built on top of Spotify with the specific purpose of sharing playlists, has been given a complete re-write along with a new shiny logo to boot.

Dumping its previous infrastructure based on WordPress and Buddypress (you’d be surprised how many social offerings start off that way such is the low barrier of entry), the site has been re-engineered with scalability in mind.

That’s because, despite Spotify rolling out its own, albeit limited, social features, ShareMyPlaylists now boasts 400,000 unique visitors per month displaying over 1 million page impressions. The site houses 27,000 playlists, listing 4 million tracks, which apparently would take 22 years to listen to. Although you’d probably want to throw yourself under a bus by then as they do vary greatly in musical taste (and quality) but I guess that’s the point.

Back in May, ShareMyPlaylists raised a six-figure sum of funding, which looks like it’s already been put to good use. Not only does the site have a better design, but it also introduces quite a few new or improved features.

Along with a significant speed boost, there’s a new ‘Playlist Generator‘, which will automatically generate a playlist based on an artist or track. There’s also better playlist recommendations based on the current playlist, and syncing of playlists if the playlist owner make changes at Spotify’s end.

Finally, ShareMyPlaylists has launched ‘Playlist Partners’, which is a hub of curated playlists “hand-picked by our content team.” The idea, says ShareMyPlaylists founder Kieron Donoghue, is to offer high quality playlists from trusted sources. As of the re-launch, the site features Polydor, Playdio and SMP user Phil Wilce who produces the popular “The Soundtrack to…” playlist every month.