• SparkLabs Presents Its Second Demo Day In Seoul With Eight Startups

    SparkLabs Presents Its Second Demo Day In Seoul With Eight Startups

    SparkLabs, the accelerator that brings Silicon Valley mentorship to Seoul’s young startup ecosystem, presented its second Demo Day today. It also added 12 new people to its roster of over 100 mentors, including Dr. Sang Cha, the creator of SAP HANA, one of the enterprise software’s core platforms, Pat Kinsel, Entrepreneur-In-Residence at Polaris Partners and co-founder of… Read More

  • Uber Continues Asia Expansion With Seoul Test Runs

    Uber Continues Asia Expansion With Seoul Test Runs

    Uber has begun testing its taxi calling app in Seoul, the startup’s second stop in Asia. Read More

  • SK Telecom successfully transmits HD video over WiBro

    SK Telecom will begin building out Wave 2 of the WiBro network in Seoul after successfully sending HD video across the network in real time. Under optimal conditions this new Wave could download at 37.44Mbps while uploading at 10.08Mbps. That’s insanely fast! That means you could download a SD video that’s 700MB in about two and a half minutes. The build out should be finished… Read More

  • CrunchExclusive: Hands on with the Samsung G800 [UPDATED with video]

    Turn down the audio. They’re just talking about the new Halloween movie
    Is it possible to go a day without Samsung announcing a world’s first? Not likely. During my recent trip to Korea, I pulled a little face time with the G800, which is the world’s first 5-megapixel camera phone with 3x optical zoom. It may be launching in Europe, but that doesn’t mean we’re… Read More

  • How big is the rivalry between Samsung, LG?

    This banner is splashed across every LG building in Gumi. If you’ve been to Seoul or if you haven’t then let me tell you how big Samsung’s presence is in the country. They’re everywhere. From construction to insurance to phones to cars and HDTVs all over the airport in Incheon. Once you step foot into the country, you know who the big dog is. I very rarely saw LG except… Read More

  • Samsung U600 assembly witnessed first hand

    During my stay in Korea, I was privy to visit one of Samsung’s manufacturing plants in Gumi, which is referred to as the Gumi complex (the largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world) and ranks as the sixth largest company if it were its own entity. The Gumi Complex is large, I don’t remember the exact acreage, but it’s massive. There are onsite apartment buildings for… Read More

  • Lost in translation?

    Don’t they mean Bone Me Boots? Read More

  • I'm in the mood for a phone or sushi

    The Anycall Studio in Seoul is the place to go and check out all the latest phones Samsung has to offer. It’s a no pressure situation because they don’t sell any products there. It’s just meant to be a hands-on store so you can see each model is capable of. Head on over to play the claw machine and attempt to win free prizes or get help with your phone should you have any… Read More

  • Sorta Hands-on with Samsung's cute Yepps

    Here they are. Nothing new and nothing we haven’t already covered, but I thought I’d snap a few pictures of them anyway. Read More

  • Samsung's PIP, 3D mobile phone

    When I first posted about the B710 there wasn’t a whole lot about it that made me think it was worth mentioning other than a quick blurb. I mean, sure, the PIP is cool, but I didn’t think it was THAT cool. After seeing it in person yesterday (and unknowingly a few days before since it’s my Uncle’s phone), I’ve certainly changed my mind. The ability to watch a… Read More

  • Do you have what it takes to be…

    a Cyber Soldier? The kids and even some adults (those over 21, though, they’re still punk kids) are obsessed with Starcraft. I don’t understand it. Walk into any PC cafe/room whatever you want to call it and everyone is playing that damn game. They should be out trying to score with chicks or something fun. Not sitting in front of a monitor for 10+ hours and dying from exhaustion. Read More