SparkLabs Presents Its Second Demo Day In Seoul With Eight Startups

SparkLabs, the accelerator that brings Silicon Valley mentorship to Seoul’s young startup ecosystem, presented its second Demo Day today.

It also added 12 new people to its roster of over 100 mentors, including Dr. Sang Cha, the creator of SAP HANA, one of the enterprise software’s core platforms; Pat Kinsel, Entrepreneur-In-Residence at Polaris Partners and co-founder of Spindle (which was recently acquired by Twitter); and Ty Ahmad-Taylor, Head of Smart TV Services At Samsung Electronics. Each of the up to 15 startups that participates in each SparkLabs class is matched with four to six mentors during the three-month program.

Past SparkLabs participants that have been covered on TechCrunch include KnowRe, an adaptive learning platform for math that announced an $1.4 million investment from SoftBank in January and WePlanet’s Step Journal.

The latest batch of startups “reflect major trends in Asia in terms of what you’ll see in coming years, such as growth in the e-commerce space, new targeted social networks and completely new innovations,” said Eugene Kim, Principal at SparkLabs.

One company presenting today that has already launched a product for a worldwide audience is DesignplusD, the creator of productivity app MemoZy, which has reached the App Store’s top slot for productivity apps in 12 countries. The app announced new features including a registration-based service, a new “Timeline” and synchronization between users’ iPhones and iPads.

Currently live in beta, TrakInvest is a global social investment platform for equities built on a learn-share-earn model. Users receive a phantom cash allocation to start investing and have access to 12,000 research reports updated daily through TrakInvest’s partnership with Reuters. The startup recently signed a deal with Religare, one of the largest brokerage houses in India, to allow its users to execute real money trades through TrakInvest.

Lateral’s search platform COGO is also currently available for sign-ups in beta. COGO automatically retrieves, indexes and organizes your search sessions.

Other startups presenting today include:

iBabyBox, a social marketplace for baby items created by Yong Hyoung, the founder of Korea’s first major social network CyWorld.

HeyBread, an e-commerce company that delivers fresh organic bread from premium bakeries to customers. The startup plans to expand into new categories.

MangoPlate, a restaurant discovery service for Seoul that launched a new UI and service. Their app is currently available on iOS and Android.

StyleWiki, a social wiki for fashion fans that just launched an Android app and will soon have a Web version.

Zoyi, which recently launched Walk Analytics to help stores glean data from offline data like foot-traffic, visit duration and engagement. Walk Analytics is currently targeted at businesses in Seoul because of its high population density and strong mobile penetration.