Dobby’s foldable pocket drone is the perfect mix of portability and functionality

Most consumer drones available on the market today fit in one of two categories: full-fledged UAVs like DJI’s Inspire, Phantom or Mavic, or portable “selfie” drones like Hover that

FaceApp uses neural networks for photorealistic selfie tweaks

If you're finding the vision of Trump's visage with a smile on it generating 'uncanny valley' levels of unease and creepiness you'd be right. The smile is FAKE NEWS folks! Created, after the fact, by

The cost of hot selfie app Meitu? A healthy dose of your personal info

You've probably seen a Meitu selfie in your Instagram or Facebook feed in the past 24 hours. The app smoothes skin, slims down faces, and even applies a layer of virtual blush and lipgloss, adding a b

Snap crosses the pond and makes a home in the UK

In a different kind of British invasion, Snap (the company that launched 1,000 ephemeral selfies) has planted its disappearing flag in the UK for its international home-away-from-home as it preps for

Coca-Cola made a selfie bottle; luckily humans only have 1,000 years left

Coca-Cola may be thinking of Snapchat Spectacles with its latest marketing ploy, a selfie-snapping bottle that features a camera in what can only be described as a bottle boot with USB out for transfe

MasterCard launches its ‘selfie pay’ biometric authentication app in Europe

MasterCard is moving from trials of facial biometrics for payment authentication, including one in the U.S. and Canada launched earlier this year, to its first proper rollout of what is colloquially r

Now CanvasPop wants to turn your Prisma photos into wall art

Art photo filter app sensation Prisma, which only launched this summer but racked up more than 55 million downloads in a matter of weeks, has sparked a rush of other photo-processing apps all promisin

Messaging app Telegram adds selfie masks, DIY GIFs

With what looks to be an eye on Snapchat's selfie-loving fanbase, messaging platform Telegram has beefed up its in-app photo editor in what it dubs an "entertainment-heavy update" -- including an opti

DJI wants to end shaky smartphone videos

DJI hopes you’re tired of shaky and embarrassing smartphone videos. The Osmo Mobile is a handheld 3-axis stabilizer gimbal for smartphones. Just strap a phone to the top and a similar gimbal use

PointerPointer points to your pointer

Hello and welcome to the Internet. Those metal doors to your left and right are where they keep all the serious stuff like and Pinterest but right over here I think you will be delighted to

Hover Camera is a personal drone for selfie lovers

If you're done with selfie sticks and are looking for what comes next in the narcissistic world of self-photography, look no further than Hover Camera, a new "personal" drone that gives you a differen

Lollicam is a real-time mobile video tool for adding cinematic effects to selfies

When will teens get tired of taking selfies? Probably never given the myriad ways they can augment what nature gave them thanks the power of the smartphone in their pocket. And YC-backed Lollicam is a

Shootlr lets you take a ‘someone-elsie’

What do you call it when you have an app that lets your friends take a photo of you, using your own phone? It's not a selfie... It's not a portrait... Let's call it a someone elsie. Shootlr today laun

Dating App Newbie Blume Wants To Kill Catfishing With Ephemeral Selfies

Make room for yet another dating app. San Francisco-based Blume is hoping to entice singles into its arms with a real-time selfie feature designed to thwart catfishing. So no more being chatted up by

This App Wants To Kill The Selfie Stick

Can an app replace the selfie stick? Sadly that seems a forlorn hope at this point. The plague of wands topped with phone clamps and wielded by photo-loving tourists everywhere seems unstoppable.

Lily Flying Camera Closes $14M In Funding, Delays Shipping Until Summer 2016

Lily, a drone that is meant to satisfy all your selfie needs, has today announced the close of a $14 million Series A round of funding, with investors including Spark Capital, SV Angel, Stanford-Start

Hit Video Messaging App Dubsmash Raises $5.5 Million Led by Index Ventures

Dubsmash, a roughly two-year-old, 15-person, Berlin-based startup whose video messaging app lets users create and share dubbed “selfie” videos (you choose a famous audio clip, then record yours

If This Selfie Emoji Becomes Official, I Am Going Back To Using A Flip Phone

One of my favorite things to do is to watch and see what emojis become candidates for Unicode updates (don’t judge). Sometimes they’re really great and sometimes they’re, well, obnox

Fitbay Doubles Down On Fashion Selfies

Danish fashion-focused social network Fitbay, which last year raised a $2 million seed round, is preparing for a partial pivot, that will put photo-sharing front and centre -- because fashion selfies

The High Score Selfie

Well, it had to happen, if it didn't already. Two-person indie game developer Nerd Agency has unleashed the 'high score selfie'. The feature, which can be seen in the startup's latest iOS game, Boo
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