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  • SD Cards Aren’t As Secure As We Think

    SD Cards Aren’t As Secure As We Think

    The hardware hacker Bunnie Huang gave a talk at the Chaos Compute Club Congress where he offered some good news and some bad news. The good news? SD cards contain powerful, handy micro controllers that are useful to hackers and hobbyists. The bad news? SD cards are woefully insecure. Read More

  • Toshiba Introduces Write-Once (And Never Again) SD Card

    Toshiba yesterday announced [JP] an SD card that has a very special feature: it allows users to store up to 1GB of content, but following that, the content can not be erased or modified in any way. Other than that, the so-called Write-Once Card (which, needless to say, can’t be formatted either) looks like any other SD card and can be used just like a conventional card, too. Read More

  • Panasonics New VIERA TV Lets You Record Full HD Content On SD Cards

    Panasonic Japan announced [JP] the TH-L42G3 today, a new VIERA TV whose unique point is that it lets you record content in full HD resolution directly on SD cards. The 42-inch, full HD LCD TV supports SD, SDHC (up to 32GB) and SDXC cards (up to 64GB). Read More

  • Sony Rolls Out SD Cards And A Reader

    I usually don’t blog about the many, many memory cards that come out of Japan on a weekly basis, but things are a little different when Sony seems to be determined to continue embracing SD cards. Today, the company announced [JP] both, an SDXC card-compatible reader, the MRW-F3, and a whole series of SD cards. Read More

  • China Beats Apple To the Dual Port iPad Dongle

    Remember that little dongle you were supposed to buy for the iPad to connect cameras and SD cards? Well they’re pretty hard to find on a good day, but now China has one-upped Apple and created a dual dongle for cameras and SD cards on one device. And it only costs $29. Read More

  • Rugged SD cards? Actually, that's a really good idea

    I saw this headline and immediately made my skeptical face. Rugged flash media? Don’t those things spend all their time jacked into your device? Why not have rugged batteries, too? But then I thought about those poor, fragile SD cards, living sheltered lives in cases, pouches, and so on because we’re too worried that they’ll snap in half or get a drop of water on them at… Read More

  • What year is this? Nintendo to finally sell 2GB SD cards for the Wii

    The storage gods have smiled upon us, friends! Starting this March, Nintendo will sell a 2GB SD card for the Nintendo Wii. Yes, you could have purchased such a card, or bigger, from, say, every other company on Earth, but this one has the official Nintendo Seal of Quality. (Remember that?) As always, Japan gets first dibs. Read More

  • CF-to-SD adapter allows Eye-Fi in your CF-based camera

    Eye-Fi cards are great, but if you’re rocking a CompactFlash setup like me, you’re kind of out of luck. And then a simple thing like this adapter comes to your attention and whole realms of possibility are opened to you. $28? Hell yes, I’m getting one of these things. Read More

  • Eye-Fi cards now magically will go twice as fast

    The famous Eye-Fi card, which beams your photos wirelessly from your camera to your computer or what have you, is getting an upgrade. Starting October 5 (If I’m reading this correctly), Eye-Fi cards will now upload at twice the speeds they used to. Am I missing something here? Quote: Eye-Fi Inc., makers of the world’s first wireless memory card for digital cameras, today… Read More

  • Now SD cards will come built-in; and why wasn't this done years ago?

    I’ve always kind of wondered why more phones and media players didn’t have more built-in storage. SD is cheap, and fast enough for most low-demand data uses — mp3s, small videos, any kind of office doc — yet while my phone has a MicroSD slot, I believe its internal storage (the default for pictures, music and so on) is a whopping 16 megabytes. You’d think… Read More

  • Review: Lexar Professional UDMA 8GB CF card, Professional UDMA FireWire 800 CF card reader, Professional SDHC 4GB card

    How does one review a memory card without getting super technical and uber nerdy? Test it against every other memory card in your camera bag! That’s how. I’ve had the great pleasure of having the aforementioned memory cards from Lexar in my arsenal for the better part of two months. I hate to pit a Class 6 SDHC card against a lowly Class 2 SDHC, but that’s all I have. (Feel… Read More

  • KanaSD Digital Audio Player: Bring Your Own Storage Cards

    This KanaSD DAP from Green House Japan follows the “B.Y.O.S.” mantra—bring your own storage. As the name implies, it uses SD cards as its storage medium, with no hard drive—flash or otherwise—to speak of. This keeps costs down (it’s only around $27), but does necesisate that you carry around pockets full of SD cards everywhere you go. The KanaSD, which is… Read More

  • The AudioFile: The Expandable Revolution

    My favorite trend in MP3 players and music-phones is the inclusion of a slot for a ridiculously tiny microSD card. There’s just something really cool about taking a 2GB memory card out of my LG Chocolate phone and putting it into my SanDisk Sansa e280. But high-capacity memory cards also have the potential to resolve thorny issues related to digital music sharing — especially… Read More

  • So Four SD Cards Walk Into a Drive…

    Here’s a gadget that seems pretty useful but you won’t find at the local CompUSA. Century’s SDB25S is a terribly named enclosure that you plug into an IDE cable. Inside the enclosure, you can insert up to four SD cards (2GB each max) to create one single drive using your SD cards. Too bad it costs $260, has a cap of 8GB because SDHC isn’t supported, and has issues… Read More