KanaSD Digital Audio Player: Bring Your Own Storage Cards


This KanaSD DAP from Green House Japan follows the “B.Y.O.S.” mantra—bring your own storage. As the name implies, it uses SD cards as its storage medium, with no hard drive—flash or otherwise—to speak of. This keeps costs down (it’s only around $27), but does necesisate that you carry around pockets full of SD cards everywhere you go.

The KanaSD, which is only available in white and black (rest easy, Toshiba), uses a USB 2.0 connection to transfer MP3s and WMAs to and from a Windows-based computer. Why alternative operating systems aren’t listed as compatible should bother me, but then I realized that this is a two-bit DAP we’ll probably never see here. So why get angry?

Product Info [Green House via Fareastgizmos.com]