Eye-Fi cards now magically will go twice as fast

The famous Eye-Fi card, which beams your photos wirelessly from your camera to your computer or what have you, is getting an upgrade. Starting October 5 (If I’m reading this correctly), Eye-Fi cards will now upload at twice the speeds they used to. Am I missing something here? Quote:

Eye-Fi Inc., makers of the world’s first wireless memory card for digital cameras, today announced enhancements to its family of Eye-Fi cards that will make the upload of digital photos from camera to computer twice as fast. The faster wireless speeds will also be made available to existing Eye-Fi users at no extra cost.

Depending on the card you already have, you can also get upgrades like geotagging and direct-to-web uploading for various services like Adoramapix (?) and MobileMe (gah!). You can also purchase year-long access to a type of wireless hotspot I have never heard of before, despite there being 10,000 of them. All in all, fine additions to a fine product. Lovely.