What year is this? Nintendo to finally sell 2GB SD cards for the Wii


The storage gods have smiled upon us, friends! Starting this March, Nintendo will sell a 2GB SD card for the Nintendo Wii. Yes, you could have purchased such a card, or bigger, from, say, every other company on Earth, but this one has the official Nintendo Seal of Quality. (Remember that?) As always, Japan gets first dibs.

And, also as always, there’s an open price for the card; Amazon has similar cards for less than $10, so unless Nintendo’s card comes with a free pack of Cuban cigars there’s no reason for it to be much more than that. We’ll see!

For no reason at all, here’s a video of the top 10 finishers from WWF No Mercy, probably the greatest wrestling video game of all time, past or present.

Yes, it’s Friday, and the Rulebook was last seen doing Jager shots with Common Sense and Decency.