• CLM-V55: Sony's Clip-On 5-Inch LCD Screen For Digital Cameras

    Are you missing a large screen on your camera that lets you monitor your footage whenever you shoot video in HD? Then the CLM-V55 Sony announced today might be the right solution for: it’s a 5-inch clip-on screen, which features WVGA solution (800 x 480). Read More

  • ChromaLED 3D6: Japanese Company Shows 280-Inch 3D LED Display System

    Another day, another 3D-related news item. I guess you never heard about Hibino, but the Tokyo-based electronics company has shown two interesting new products [JP, PDF] today. First, there’s the ChromaLED 3D6, a LED-based display system that’s sized at a whopping 280 inches (pictured) and that can produce 3D images. Read More

  • Sharp's 330-Inch Digital Signage Display

    Make it bigger in case you really want some attention: that’s what Sharp must have thought when they thought of this 330-inch (8.4m) digital signage display. The company announced [JP] this monster will be installed in Tokyo station (one of the biggest stations in Tokyo) tomorrow. Read More

  • This Is The World's Smallest Full HD Display (4.8 Inches)

    What you see pictured above is the world’s smallest full HD display. It’s been unveiled today by ORTUS, a joint venture established between Casio and Toppan Printing earlier this year. Sized at just 4.8 inches, the HAST (Hyper Amorphous Silicon TFT) screen features 1,920×1,080 resolution and a pixel density of 458ppi. Read More

  • Video: TDK's Amazing See-Through OLED Display Up And Close

    One of the highlights of this year’s CEATEC (a technology exhibition that took place in Japan earlier this month and which we covered extensively) was TDK’s booth. The company showed two prototypes of passive matrix mini OLED panels, one of which is transparent and the other flexible (like the one Sony showed earlier this year). Read More

  • Video: Fujitsu's 3D Wraparound View Screen System For Cars

    In late 2008, we’ve shown you a wraparound view video system for vehicles that was developed by Fujitsu. While that system was pretty cool, we can now show you a video of the updated version. The system is still based on four video cameras mounted around a vehicle, and it produces images in 3D. To be more specific, users can view 3D images that are projected onto a “3D… Read More

  • Video: Sharp's 30-screen display system boasts world’s thinnest frame width

    Sharp today in Japan presented the PN-V601 [press release in English], a multi.screen display system, which – at 6.5mm – features the world’s thinnest bezel separation. In other words, Sharp managed to design the display, which consists of up to thirty 60-inch LCDs, so that it (almost) looks like one gigantic, “individual” screen. Read More

  • Video: Sony's new, super-thin OLED display wraps around a pencil

    OLEDs, which are said to lead the next wave of innovation in the TV space (after back-lit LCDs and 3D displays), come with plenty of advantages: they produce gorgeous images, they are self-luminous, light, and they’re flexible – very flexible. Case in point: a super-thin, Sony-made 4.1-inch OLED that actually wraps around a pencil, shown today in Japan. Read More

  • Toshiba unveils 21-inch, glasses-free HD 3D display

    We’re about to get yet another 3D display. This time, it’s Toshiba Mobile Display Corp. that’s prepping such a screen, an autostereoscopic (glasses-free), 21-inch 3D HD display “for use in next-generation 3D monitors”, to be more exact. Toshiba says the main selling points is that its new “integral imaging system” with 9-parallax design makes it… Read More

  • Video: No-touch, mid-air 3D input interface for mobile devices

    A lot of sophisticated, portable gadgets nowadays have a touchscreen, but what if you could operate those gadgets with your fingers – without touching the display or any part of the device itself? A research team led by Masatoshi Ishikawa, a professor at the University of Tokyo, has developed a way to operate mobile devices by moving your fingers in mid-air. Read More

  • For the Nintendo 3DS? Hitachi develops glasses-free, mobile 3D display

    Sony, Panasonic, NEC and now Sharp: All of these Japanese tech powerhouses are playing the 3D game now, but what about Hitachi? The biggest (sales-wise) of them all has been working on a glasses-free 3D projection system and sells a 3D cell phone in Japan (pictured), but Hitachi has been relatively quiet in terms of 3D. Today, however, Hitachi Displays announced [JP] the development of a… Read More