Quantum Dot Displays Could Lead To Cheaper, Thinner Screens

Devices can’t get thinner for a few reasons. While a lighter, thinner battery would be amazing, screens still take up a lot of gadget real estate, a fact that is mitigated slightly by e-ink and

Video: This 3D Display Uses Multiple Lenses To Boost Sense Of Depth Perception

Naked-eye 3D displays, even <a href="">large-sized models</a>, are nothing special anymore, but they usually have a common pr

Hitachi Develops 4.5-Inch, Naked-Eye 3D LCD Screen With HD Resolution

Hitachi <a href="">announced</a> [JP] a new mobile <a href="">3D</a> screen today: the IPS-based LCD is sized at a respe

Video: The Pic3D Sheet Turns Your 2D Screen Into A Naked-Eye 3D Display

<img src="" /> A Japanese company called Global Wave has developed a special film, which can be used to transform any given 2D

Eizo To Sell 36-Inch Display With 4K×2K Resolution For $36,000

<img src="" /> Japanese computer display maker Eizo Nanao <a href="">

"Super Hi-Vision": Sharp Prototypes 85-Inch TV With Insane Resolution [Update: Video]

<img src="" /> Can you imagine owning a TV with <em>16 times</em> the resolution of HDTV (or, in other words, a

Japanese Company Shows 200-Inch 3D Projection Screen

<img src="" /> Another day, another <a href="">3D</a>-related news item: Japan-based <a href="http://www

"Reality Touchscreen" Is 10 Meters Long, Accepts 100 Touch Inputs

<img src="">Students at the <a href="">University of Groningen</a> in the Netherlands have created a

This 15.6-inch LCD Display Is Powered By USB Alone

<img src="" /> If you currently look for a large sub display for your computer, Japanese accessory maker <a href="http://ww

CLM-V55: Sony's Clip-On 5-Inch LCD Screen For Digital Cameras

<img src="" /> Are you missing a large screen on your camera that lets you monitor your footage whenever you shoot video in HD? Then

ChromaLED 3D6: Japanese Company Shows 280-Inch 3D LED Display System

<img src="" /> Another day, another <a href="">3D</a>-related news item. I guess you nev

Sharp's 330-Inch Digital Signage Display

<img src="" /> Make it bigger in case you <em>really</em> want some attention: that's what Sharp must have thought when t

This Is The World's Smallest Full HD Display (4.8 Inches)

<img src="" /> What you see pictured above is the world's smallest full HD display. It's been unveiled today by <a href="http://w

Video: TDK's Amazing See-Through OLED Display Up And Close

<img src="" /> One of the highlights of this year's CEATEC (a technology exhibition that took place in Japan earlier this mo

Video: Fujitsu's 3D Wraparound View Screen System For Cars

<img src="" /> In late 2008, we've shown you a <a href="

Video: Sharp's 30-screen display system boasts world’s thinnest frame width

<img src="" /> Sharp today in Japan presented the <a href="">PN-V601</a>

Video: Sony's new, super-thin OLED display wraps around a pencil

<img src="" /> <a href="">OLEDs</a>, which are said to lead the next wave of innovation in

Toshiba unveils 21-inch, glasses-free HD 3D display

<img src="" /> We're about to get yet another <a href="">3D</a> display. This time, it's To

Video: No-touch, mid-air 3D input interface for mobile devices

<img src="" /> A lot of sophisticated, portable gadgets nowadays have a touchscreen, but what if you could operate those gadget

For the Nintendo 3DS? Hitachi develops glasses-free, mobile 3D display

<img src="" /> <a href="">S
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