Toshiba unveils 21-inch, glasses-free HD 3D display

We’re about to get yet another 3D display. This time, it’s Toshiba Mobile Display Corp. that’s prepping such a screen, an autostereoscopic (glasses-free), 21-inch 3D HD display “for use in next-generation 3D monitors”, to be more exact. Toshiba says the main selling points is that its new “integral imaging system” with 9-parallax design makes it possible for users to view 3D images from a wider range of viewing angles.

According to the company, that system required the development of a new “ultra-high-definition LCD module”, but ultimately leads to less eye fatigue and produces better images than 2-parallax 3D displays. The company teamed up with Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications in the development of the HD display.

The device features WXGA (1,280×800) resolution, 480 cd/m2 brightness, and ±15 degrees (horizontal) 3D viewing angle. Toshiba expects it to be mainly used for advertisement and entertainment purposes. The display will be showcased next month at the SID 2010 International Symposium in Seattle.