Video: Sharp's 30-screen display system boasts world’s thinnest frame width

Sharp today in Japan presented the PN-V601 [press release in English], a multi.screen display system, which – at 6.5mm – features the world’s thinnest bezel separation. In other words, Sharp managed to design the display, which consists of up to thirty 60-inch LCDs, so that it (almost) looks like one gigantic, “individual” screen.

The PN-V601 comes with a full-array LED backlight, a zoom function, and a number of optional goodies for the LCD used in the system, for example LAN access or video inputs (HDMI is standard). The LCDs themselves feature 1,366×768 resolution and produce 700cd/m2 brightness.

See how incredible the display system, also dubbed “i3 Wall” (information, intelligent, imaging), looks in a 5×6 screen set-up in the video embedded below:

Via Akihabara News