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The Galaxy Tab S7 will bring 5G to Samsung’s tablet line

Samsung’s going all in on 5G. The company was an early adopter for the next-gen wireless technology and has just offered it across the newly announced Galaxy Note 20. Turns out its new tablets will

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S6 combines creative flexibility with great design

The Android tablet market isn’t exactly a hotbed of excitement and activity, which makes it all the more impressive that Samsung continues to iterate its own tablet lineup in smart, meaningful w

TechCrunch Giveaway: Olympics Committee Goes Social, Win A Samsung Galaxy Tab And More

For those of you who love the Olympic Games, the <a href="">2012 London Olympics</a> are just under 100 days away. The International Olympic Committee just launched an awesom

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Hits NYC June 8, Everywhere Else June 17

<img src="" />Even though we have to deal with 100-degree summers and 15-degree winters, hobos on the subway, and slow-walking tourist

Xoom Too Expensive? Try These 5 Inexpensive Android Tablets Instead

The comments on yesterday’s post concerning the Xoom’s bungled launch stated loud and clear that people want inexpensive Android tablets — or at least that the high MSRP was the Xoom

Samsung’s WiFi-Only Galaxy Tab Up For Pre-Order In The UK

<img src="" />During <a href=""

Death/Star (Episode 1): The Galaxy Tab, Instagram, and Boxee Box (TCTV)

<img src=""/> Welcome to <em>Death/Star</em>, a new show we are testing on TechCrunch TV. It's a product review show with a twist. My co-ho

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Announced For T-Mobile, $400 On Nov. 10th

This is a quick one: The T-Mobile variant of the Galaxy Tab will hit on November 10th. Price? $400 on contract just like Sprint. There’s also a $35 activation fee and $200 ETF so that’s fu

A Massive War Is Approaching As The Tablet Market Cannot Sustain Six Separate Platforms

Can you hear that? It’s the sound of war. Better choose your side soon, too. The tablet wars are going to get nasty. Apple’s army is prepped, already backed by over 3 million zealous iPad

Samsung Galaxy Tab's Future Looks Organic. AMOLED That Is.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab Up On For 799€

<img src="" />Oh boy. 799€ ($1030) for the <a href="

Bad News Rumor: The Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablet To Have Low-res Screen

<img src="">I'll be the first to stand up and shout that hardware specs alone do not make or break devices --  especially tablets. H

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Android tablet might be hiding a secret weapon

<img src="">Samsung is conducting a lesson in Brand Identity 101. The Samsung Galaxy Tab Android tablet is basically a gigantic Galaxy