samsung galaxy tab

  • Bad News Rumor: The Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablet To Have Low-res Screen

    I’ll be the first to stand up and shout that hardware specs alone do not make or break devices —  especially tablets. However, a rumor is circulating that states the Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet will share most of the same specs with the Galaxy S smartphone including the 1GHz CPU and screen resolution. That’s bad news bears. That would mean the 7-inch tablet would have a nasty… Read More

  • The Samsung Galaxy Tab Android tablet might be hiding a secret weapon

    Samsung is conducting a lesson in Brand Identity 101. The Samsung Galaxy Tab Android tablet is basically a gigantic Galaxy S i9000 in the same way that the iPad is an oversized iPhone. That’s a good thing. We’re not entirely sure if the Galaxy Tab was supposed to go official yet, seeing as the pic and announcement came from the Samsung South Africa Twitter feed, but here she is. Read More