Death/Star (Episode 1): The Galaxy Tab, Instagram, and Boxee Box (TCTV)

Welcome to Death/Star, a new show we are testing on TechCrunch TV. It’s a product review show with a twist. My co-host, CrunchGear editor John Biggs, and I give our opinions on three hot products. In the inaugural episode we cover the Android-powered Samsung Galaxy Tablet, photo-sharing app Instagram, and the Boxee Box.

To spice things up, we try to go beyond the traditional thumbs up/thumbs down to predict whether each product will end up in the graveyard (in which case we mark it for death) or become a bona fide hit (in which case we give it a star). Hence, the name: Death/Star. A surprise guest appears at the end and punks Biggs (the look on his face is classic).

The idea behind the show is not to do full reviews. You can read our previous review posts for the Galaxy Tab, Instagram (see more posts), and Boxee Box (see also demo video and CEO Avner Ronen interview). It is to evaluate each product’s chances for success and survival.

The full 7-minute episode is above, but we also broke it up into three shorter video segments below for each of the products. We shot the show at one of AOL’s video studios in New York City, and they helped us with the editing as well. Please tell us how you like the show in comments, what products you’d like to see us review next time, and any suggestions for making it better.

Samsung Galaxy Tab segment

Instagram segment

Boxee Box segment