• Will capitalism survive the robot revolution? Crunch Network

    Will capitalism survive the robot revolution?

    Economic experts are trying to figure out a question that just two decades ago seemed ridiculous: If 90 percent of human jobs are replaced by robots in the next 50 years — something now considered plausible — is capitalism still the ideal economic system to champion? No one is certain about the answer, but the question is making everyone nervous — and forcing people to dig… Read More

  • The real cost of robotics Crunch Network

    The real cost of robotics

    Before we begin, I feel compelled to make an important disclosure: I love robots! Robots are cool. To me, robots are cooler than people, who are only cool occasionally. I especially love industrial robots: They help us “make” things. Now please allow me to make an obvious observation: Like me, many folks think robots in general, and industrial robots in particular, are very cool. Read More

  • How robots will reshape the U.S. economy Crunch Network

    How robots will reshape the U.S. economy

    Few doubt that our future — both immediate and long term — will be heavily impacted by robots. With flashy AI technology like IBM’s Watson and Google’s driverless cars stealing headlines and outperforming their human competitors, it’s clear that our economy is bracing for a fundamental shift in how we perform work. What’s less obvious, however, is exactly… Read More

  • In pursuit of empathetic machines Crunch Network

    In pursuit of empathetic machines

    The universal reaction to Atlas, the newly upgraded next-generation humanoid robot from Boston Dynamics (a company owned by Alphabet), was lots of empathy. Unmindful of being punched, pushed and teased, it focused on finishing tasks in a demo video. People who watched the video responded with comments like “stop bullying” and “say no to bullying.” Read More

  • SoftBank Plans To Open A Store Staffed (Almost) Entirely By Pepper, Its Humanoid Robot

    SoftBank Plans To Open A Store Staffed (Almost) Entirely By Pepper, Its Humanoid Robot

    SoftBank announced today that it will launch an app store to create a software ecosystem for Pepper, its humanoid robot. Perhaps more intriguingly, the company, one of Japan’s largest telecom and Internet firms, also revealed plans for a phone store staffed mainly by Peppers. Read More

  • Autonomous Robots Are Changing The Way We Build And Move Products Around The World Crunch Network

    Autonomous Robots Are Changing The Way We Build And Move Products Around The World

    Many eyes may be gazing toward the sky in anxious anticipation of new drone delivery systems, but an increasing number of intelligent robot systems is already on the ground, in warehouses and manufacturing facilities, helping to manufacture and move products across the globe. These automated systems, which employ the world’s most innovative advancements in software, artificial… Read More

  • Will Robots Save The Future Of Work? Crunch Network

    Will Robots Save The Future Of Work?

    Is a robot coming for your job? It’s not a novel question, but if Gartner’s predictions are correct, the answer could be leaning more definitively toward yes. The analyst firm’s research suggests one in three jobs will be converted to software, robots and smart machines by 2025. What is new, however, is that the influx of robots in the workforce is no longer just a… Read More

  • Lily, A Camera Drone That Automatically Follows You, Pulls In A Mountainous $34 Million In Pre-orders

    Self-driving drone Lily has had quite the success in sales and it’s not even on the market yet. The startup pulled in a whopping $34 million in pre-orders by the end of 2015, with 60,000 units already sold. While that’s not as massive as Apple Watch pre-sales (1.2 million sold in the first day), it’s still a pretty good indicator Lily is onto something. The little flying bot… Read More

  • Meet Knightscope’s Crime-Fighting Robots

    The robots might one day rise up and take over, but a Mountain View startup called Knightscope has developed a fleet of crime-fighting machinery it hopes to keep us safe. Knightscope’s K5 security bots resemble a mix between R2D2 and a Dalek from Doctor Who – and the system behind these bots is a bit Orwellian. The K5’s have broadcasting and sophisticated monitoring… Read More

  • A New System Lets Self-Driving Cars “Learn” Streets On The Fly

    A New System Lets Self-Driving Cars “Learn” Streets On The Fly

    SegNet is a new system created by the University of Cambridge that can “read” a road and assess various features including street signs, road markers, people, and even sky. The system looks at an RGB image of a road and then classifies different layers using a Bayesian analysis of the scene. From the release: The first system, called SegNet, can take an image of a street scene… Read More

  • The Human Touch Crunch Network

    The Human Touch

    Blame it on Hollywood. So many people have seen science-fiction movies about robots taking over the world that they’ve started to believe it’s happening. Many workers are worried that automated systems will soon take over their jobs — and leave them no role in a tech-driven economy. This kind of hysteria is best reserved for the big screen. Humans have nothing to fear… Read More

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