• Happy 20th birthday, iRobot!

    iRobot, perhaps best known for having created the Roomba, turns 20 today. Let’s give them a virtual high five for helping so much in bringing roboticism into the home. Sure, in the end, it might be the death of us all, but in the mean time, it’s nice not having to vacuum so much, am I right? Read More

  • P4: Honda's Asimo humanoid gets a re-design after 13 year [Update: No, he doesn't]

    Honda’s Asimo is probably the world’s most famous humanoid robot. The company today leaked the first technical details and pictures of the fourth version of Asimo, the P4. And the new and improved Asimo, which took 13 years for Honda to develop (P3 was unveiled in 1997), looks much more elegant and human astronaut-like than the previous models. Read More

  • Robot + iPod touch = robovie mR2 (video)

    Japan’s Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute (ATR) has unveiled robovie mR2 [JP], a cute desk robot that stands just 30cm tall and weighs 2kg. The cool thing is that users can place an iPod touch in his chest to control the robot (wirelessly via Wifi or by touching the screen). Read More

  • Jet Hitter: New Baseball robot allows solo practice

    Baseball robots are nothing new (there’s even a dedicated Wikipedia article on them), but that didn’t stop Japan’s Meiji University and Yokohama-based metal recycling company MRC [JP] to come up with the so-called Jet Hitter [JP]. Read More

  • EMIEW2: Hitachi updates its cute humanoid robot

    We last blogged about EMIEW2, a two-legged robot made by Hitachi, in July 2008. The main selling point was (and still is) an array of 14 microphones integrated into his head, enabling him to identify three different human voices simultaneously. But up until now, EMIEW2 tended to easily fall over on bumpy surfaces, which isn’t really ideal for a humanoid that’s supposed to one day… Read More

  • Video: Mini fuel cell powering a robot fish

    This robotic fish is not the first of its kind, but it’s certainly one of the coolest out there (granted, not too many of these actually exist). Developed by the Faculty of Engineering at Osaka City University, the unnamed robo fish can move very realistically and has a key selling point: It can be powered by a solid-polymer fuel cell dubbed “Power Tube”. Read More

  • Meet Tsutenkaku, a robot that looks like a tower (video)

    Japan has a lot of different robots so why not develop one that looks like a tower – even if it may make no sense whatsoever? That’s what a total of seven Japanese companies thought and built the Tsutenkaku Robotto [JP] (Tsutenkaku roughly translates to “tower that extends to the sky”). And as the name suggests, the robot is pretty tall: 170cm. Read More

  • Video: Meet scary baby robot Yotaro

    Just two weeks ago, we gave you m-synchy and m-neony, two super-advanced baby humanoids developed by a Japanese research institution. While those two robots were weird but looked rather harmless, baby robot Yotaro [JP], made by the University of Tsukuba in Japan, is really looking scary – just look at those pictures. Read More

  • Wheelie: Toshiba's new robot is cute, autonomous and maybe even useful (video)

    Toshiba is a huge company, but it’s not necessarily known as a maker of robots. Their “Wheelie” for indoor use is an autonomous, 2-wheeled robot, which is still in prototype stage and somehow reminiscent of a Segway in its basic design. Read More

  • New emergency robot is wearable, opens doors at disaster sites

    A Japanese robot manufacturer called BL Autotec has developed a remote-controlled robot hand [JP, PDF] that’s able to grip and turn doorknobs. Once connected to a emergency robot, it can safely open doors at disaster sites, for example in collapsed buildings without putting humans in danger. Autotec says the robot can be used in the case of nuclear, biological and chemical disasters. Read More

  • Meet baby humanoids M3-synchy and M3-neony

    The JST, Japan’s Science and Technology Agency, announced [JP] the development of M3-neony (pictured above) and M3-synchy today, two advanced baby-like robots. While “neony” (derived from “neonate”) is intentionally designed to look like a newborn, “snychy” just stands for “synchronous communication” (but as you can see, he looks like a… Read More

  • The Lego Robotic Hand: Do not get any ideas

    Some nice Polish boys made this clever robotic hand that is built to human scale and, interestingly, has a thumb and four working fingers. Did we mention it was made using Lego? Read More

  • Spinning solar powered battle robots. Make your own!

    Do you not have enough clutter on your desk? Not quite badass enough for BattleBots? Solarbotics has posted instructions on how to create these rather adorable solar-powered symets, so you can battle the 20 other people who probably make this sort of thing. [Instructables] via [Make: Online] Read More

  • Robonauts are go!

    So NASA has developed these robots to basically do the work of humans. There was a previous version, which the R2 you see above (yes, “R2”) is a refinement of, and now as you can see he’s quite a performer. Is he doing a tango move there? Check out this video. The money shot is at 3:30, where you can really see how gentle and precise the movements are. Read More

  • Scientists create coevolved Predator and Prey bots

    Some scientists at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale of Lausanne have built “evolving” predator and prey robots designed to, in short, learn from each other. Read that again: While we’re worried about Taylor Swift and and Lady Gaga, robots are now teaching each other how to hunt us. The robots use Darwinian Selection to decide how to escape each other or work together to… Read More

  • Dance, floating space robot, dance!

    Make found these wonderful floating space robots designed to fly in formation in zero gravity. How do they do it? These things, called Spheres, use compressed air to spin in place – but not as fast as you see here. Read More

  • How did we miss this laser-scanning super robot vacuum?

    Not sure how we missed this robotic vacuum but this bugger uses lasers to scan your room and grab dust and lint as it goes. It’s quite cute how this little fellow does everything the Roomba does but, seemingly, it does it better. One more video after the jump. Read More

  • Video: Robo-maid makes breakfast, extremely slowly

    I will say this: it’s always going to be impressive to me when robots make my breakfast. But after seeing those ramen-bots doing it at high speed and fighting with knives, and after watching those robo-arms pitch fastballs to each other, I just feel like breakfast should be made a little more quickly than these ones manage to do it. Read More

  • OmniTread: a terrifying, vibrating, go-anywhere snakebot

    It’s not quite as endearing as the (also terrifying) BigDog, but the OmniTread robot does seem pretty useful. That is, if you don’t need to go fast. The bot is a specialist in navigating rubble and small spaces, and could help locate people trapped under collapsed buildings. There is a risk of them running in terror, but if they’re pinned it shouldn’t be a… Read More

  • Imagine there is inter-species robot love

    It’s easy if you try. No hell below us, above us only a Chinese Thomas the Tank Engine knock-off. Imagine no possessions except for Optimus Prime. And then mate the two robots to get baby Thomas. Yeah. WTF. Read More