• Yes, this robot responds to your thoughts. That's right, your thoughts.

    Let’s see… a robot that responds to the thoughts of its master (is “master” the right word here?). Pretty sure that we (humans) will bring about our own downfall, either by blowing each other up, or by inventing a robot that says, “You guys are idiots, so we’re going to kill you.” Read More

  • Sex robots to save the adult entertainment industry?

    Only a fool would pay for pornography on the Internet. It’s like, you don’t pay for air (or, more accurately, oxygen), do you? So why pay for porn? But if porn is free all over the place, what’s going to happen to our nation’s adult entertainment industry? It employs more than a few people (that’s good), and helps maintain our image abroad (that’s also good). Read More

  • FOLD-E! Clothes-folding robot demoed at SIGGRAPH

    Who wouldn’t want one? Scatter your undies on the ground (if they’re not there already), give FOLD-E the go-ahead, and scant minutes later, there they all are, folded into packets for you. You’ll need mighty small undergarments for this little robot to do his job, though. Read More

  • The saddest robots in all of Singapore

    BoingBoing points us to these creepy animatronics in Singapore’s Fort Canning Part where the British generals discussed surrender to the Japanese. Read More

  • Video: Rickshaw-pulling child robot hopes to be a real boy someday

    Who doesn’t want their very own a robotic rickshaw driver? Are they called drivers? Pullers? Doesn’t matter. I just hope they’re working on a version of this thing that can pull a 200+ pound man. I’ll call him Gary and we’ll go everywhere together. Everywhere! [via Gizmodo] Read More

  • Two spider-bot videos, one post

    Are you sitting comfortably? Then let’s begin. Comfort is overrated anyway. And robot spiders are underrepresented on this (otherwise excellent) website. That’s why I decided to put two, two, TWO SPIDER ROBOT VIDEOS in one post. We’re falling behind other blogs in spiderbot video density. Click on through and be squicked/entertained. Read More

  • Tiny robo-cars to "drive" research on autonomous vehicle navigation

    I hate it when the best way to state something is also the punniest. You guys remember the DARPA Grand Challenge, right? That used full-size cars with super-customized navigation systems. If you’re just an engineer trying to design better crash avoidance software, or determine traffic interactions between two models of navigation, it’s not exactly cost-effective to buy a Hummer… Read More

  • All-purpose BEAR robot rolling to a military engagement near you

    I’m beginning to think the Robocalypse is going to be less Terminator and more Dinobot. I mean, we’ve robotic fish, dog-monsters, and hummingbots already, and that’s just off the top of my head. And if it isn’t based on an animal, it’s named after one. The BEAR robot, in contrast, isn’t actually bearlike, but is just a handy acronym for the Battlefield… Read More

  • Sexy robots could love you long time

    Ian Yeoman of the University of Wellington in New Zealand posits that we could soon be heading to charming resorts on the coast where we have rough sex with robotic pleasure bots. He writes: “Robotics will become important, because you’re going to have labour shortages in the future,” he said…Even robot “prostitutes” that would not pass on diseases such as… Read More