Improving developer experience is now a priority

Internal developer portals have emerged as a one-stop shop that lets developers in an organization access all the microservices and tools available to them.

What you should know about internal developer portals

Internal developer portals are quickly gaining traction at software companies as they seek to improve their developer experience, and thus, efficiency.

Roadie closes $15M Series B to help you transport the creepy mannequin collection you hide from your friends

When you want to transport an army of mannequins over a thousand miles, your options are pretty limited. You could walk into your local UPS or FedEx, but would have to deal with the soul piercing jud

Roadie is like Uber for shipping

“Someone is always leaving everywhere”: that’s the idea behind Roadie, a peer-to-peer package delivery service launched last year by Marc Gorlin. There are something like 250 million

Ludacris Partners With Delivery App Roadie And Joins The Flood Of Entertainers Getting Into Startups

Roadie, the Atlanta-based shipping marketplace that's angling to tap drivers already on the road to deliver packages, is adding some star wattage to its team with the announcement that music star Luda

Community-Based Shipping Service Roadie Launches Nationwide

Roadie, an alternative shipping service offering a cheaper way to get your items to a remote destination by piggy-backing on drivers heading in that same direction, is today rolling out across the U.

Waffle House Partners With “Sharing Economy” Delivery Service Roadie

A recently launched mobile application called Roadie, which connects those who need to ship something quickly with drivers who are already going in that same direction and are willing to haul the carg

Hands On With The Amazing Roadie Tuner

Most guitars sound far better when properly tuned. As a novice guitarist, I’m rarely in the position to do this correctly and, as a result, my endless renditions of No Woman No Cry sound awful.

Audience Choice Winner Roadie Automagically Tunes Your Guitar

Roadie is a nifty little robotic device. It’s a small box that you put on your guitar’s machine heads. You connect it to your phone and it automatically tunes your guitar, all by itself. E

You Can Tune A Guitar But You Can’t Tune A Fish With Roadie

As everyone knows, roadies are hired to set up gear, tear down gear, drink, and tune guitars. Now roadies can do one less of those things and do more of something else. The <a target="_blank" href="ht