• The Roundabout Tapes – RjDj Plans To Game Reality With Sound [TCTV]

    The Roundabout Tapes – RjDj Plans To Game Reality With Sound [TCTV]

    RjDj’s Michael Breidenbruecker, also a Founder last.fm, has certainly opened up the avenues for sound apps on mobile platforms. The startup’s apps have become platforms for musicians, but are gradually evolving into augmented reality mobile apps. Most recently the company partnered with screenwriter Christopher Nolan on Inception: The App, which reached 4 million downloads. Read More

  • RjDj Now Lets You Create Your Own Trippy, Reactive Music For iPhone And iPad

    Back in fall 2008, when the App Store was less than 100 days old, I wrote about an incredibly trippy and innovative application called RjDj (iTunes link). The app is a bit hard to describe, but it essentially takes audio or motion input from your iPhone, passes it through a variety of filters, and outputs music that’s customized to your surroundings (you really need to try it for yourself… Read More

  • RjDj Continues To Be The Most Trippy App On The iPhone (And I Love It)

    Back in October I wrote about a new iPhone app called RjDJ, which I described as “An Awesome, Trippy Soundtrack For Your Life“. The application includes a set of entrancing songs that go on forever, using the iPhone’s internal microphone to ‘listen’ to the noises and voices heard in your proximity to dynamically create music. It’s a bizarre and totally… Read More

  • RjDj Generates An Awesome, Trippy Soundtrack For Your Life

    RjDj, a new iPhone application that was released earlier this week, is one of the coolest things I’ve seen released on the still fledgling platform. Download it now, if only to try it for a few minutes. You can download the full version for $2.99 here, or you can try out the free version (which only has one ‘scene’). The application is difficult to describe and on paper… Read More