RjDj Continues To Be The Most Trippy App On The iPhone (And I Love It)

Back in October I wrote about a new iPhone app called RjDJ, which I described as “An Awesome, Trippy Soundtrack For Your Life“. The application includes a set of entrancing songs that go on forever, using the iPhone’s internal microphone to ‘listen’ to the noises and voices heard in your proximity to dynamically create music. It’s a bizarre and totally unique experience that you should try if you haven’t already (you can grab the full version here or a one-song trial here).

Tonight the RjDj team has released a followup to its original app called RjDj Shake. The application has a similar purpose, using external input to dynamically generate music. But instead of using sound, Shake relies on the iPhone (or iPod Touch’s) accelerometer to adjust the audio any time the phone senses movement.

Each song (or “scene”, as the app calls them) responds to movement in a different way – some scenes are designed for passive movement, playing tiny bells whenever you take a step, while others are meant to be used when you’re jumping, dancing, or waving your iPhone around. You can also record your songs for future listening, though it doesn’t look like there’s an easy way to export them.

In my brief testing I found Shake to be less trippy and captivating than the original application (likely because it doesn’t feature weird echoing voices), but it’s still fun to play around with. I’m hoping that eventually RjDj will incorporate the technology from both Shake and the original into a single application so we can get the ultimate in bizarre musical iPhone tripping.