Crunch Report | Snapchat Starts Selling Spectacles

Instagram adds some new features to Stories, Snapchat starts selling Spectacles out of vending machines, Facebook has a misinformation problem, Tusk Holdings tries to find silver lining in Trump and N

Republic Launches New Platform To Send GOP To White House

Software is eating the world, and it is continuing its monstrous diet in politics. The traditional shoe leather approach of political campaigning has been replaced by rooms of engineers, AWS instances

Google Will Be The Official Social Platform & Livestream Provider For The 2012 Republican Convention

The presidential election season in the U.S. is now in full swing and both the <a href="">Democratic</a> and <a href="">Republican</a> con

The Unreasonable Stance: Vote Republican for a tech revolution

Here at CrunchGear, we try to stay clear of political debates; after all, our mandate is hardware, gadgets, and technological goings-on. So usually, on all the sticky social and foreign policy issues,