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Relativity Space CEO: Building a backlog isn’t ‘worthless,’ it’s the path to product-market fit

Relativity Space CEO Tim Ellis is hitting back against recent comments from fellow aerospace exec Peter Beck, who called launch contracts for un-flown rockets “basically worthless” earlier this mo

Relativity inks Terran R launch deal with Intelsat

Relativity Space has signed a launch agreement with Intelsat that would see the telecom giant’s satellites fly on a Terran R rocket as early as 2026. Relativity did not disclose the value of the con

Relativity Space leases historic test stand from NASA to boost Terran R development

Relativity Space is amping up its investment at NASA’s Stennis Space Center, with the company announcing today that it would lease a historic first-stage test stand to advance the development of the

So long, Terran 1: Relativity Space makes hard pivot to an even larger Terran R

Relativity Space is retiring Terran 1 after just a single test flight to double-down on development of its next-generation Terran R rocket, which is now configured to be even larger than previously an

Watch Relativity attempt to launch Terran 1…again

Relativity Space is gearing up for its second launch attempt of the Terran 1 rocket, wasting no time after scrubbing the first attempt earlier this week. The company returns to the launch pad at Cape

Relativity scrubs first Terran 1 launch attempt

Relativity Space called off the first launch attempt of the Terran 1 rocket a little over a half hour before the close of the launch window, joining every other space company in history in not launchi

Relativity Space has had a wild ride to launch

Relativity Space will be attempting to make history with the first launch of the 110-foot-tall Terran 1 rocket tomorrow afternoon. The company, which was founded in 2016 by Tim Ellis and Jordan Noone,

Relativity Space sets March launch date for Terran 1

Relativity Space said Wednesday that it had received its launch license from U.S. regulators, clearing the way for its first-ever orbital flight attempt on March 8. Relativity will be attempting to se

SpaceX, Relativity and others urge FCC to stay in its lane

Major space companies, including SpaceX and Relativity, are urging the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to stick to its purview — spectrum usage — as it looks to potentially up

Florida’s Space Coast braces for Hurricane Ian

Florida’s Space Coast continues to make preparations for the extremely powerful and slow-moving Hurricane Ian, with officials rolling rockets back to the safety of hangars and delaying launches unti

SpaceX’s CTO of propulsion retired. Now he wants to go to Mars.

Tom Mueller is a self-described race car guy. Upon retiring from his role as CTO of Propulsion at SpaceX in November 2020, he “mostly wanted to go racing and ride dirt bikes and travel,” he sa

Relativity and Impulse want to go to Mars as early as 2024

Relativity Space, a 3D-printed rocket startup that’s planning its first orbital test launch this year, said Tuesday that it is planning to send a Mars lander and rover vehicle made by Impulse Space

Max Q: Capped

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Relativity Space inks deal with OneWeb, reaches $1.2B in Terran R launch contracts

Relativity Space will be sending OneWeb’s second-gen broadband satellites to orbit starting in 2025 using its fully reusable 3D-printed rocket Terran R, under a new multi-launch agreement. This is t

Max Q: Alien encounters

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Max Q: Mines and metals

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Max Q: Insertion burn

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Russia halts rocket engine sales to US, suggests flying to space on ‘their broomsticks’

As part of the escalating tensions between Russia and the U.S. (to say nothing of the rest of the world), Roscosmos has announced that the country will cease all shipments of rocket engines to the Sta

Relativity is pushing back the demo launch of its Terran 1 rocket to early 2022

3D rocket printing company Relativity Space has pushed back the date of the demonstration launch of its lightweight Terran 1 rocket from winter 2021 to early 2022. The company announced the updated sc

Relativity Space will open a 1 million-square-foot factory to scale Terran R production

Fresh off the heels of a $650 million Series E funding round, 3D-printed rocket startup Relativity Space is now preparing to increase production capacity by a factor of ten, with the opening of a 1 mi
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