Air’s app lets you record high-quality home movies without running out of space

These days, home movies aren’t recorded with handheld video cameras, but rather with our smartphones. Unfortunately, there’s a downside. Our iPhones default to lower quality video so recor

RecordGram thinks your phone is the new recording studio

If RecordGram has its way, top record producers will all turn to their app, a kind of mobile recording studio, to find the next Justin Bieber or Nicki Minaj. And aspiring artists will all find beats,

Apple’s Behind-The-Scenes For ‘The Song’ Reveals A Mix Of Old And New Tools

Apple’s “The Song” holiday ad has managed to pretty universally tug heartstrings, in keeping with its usual practices for this time of year, but the product story contained therein i

Cheap, simple landline phone call recorder

<img src="" alt="phonespyear" title="phonespyear" />If you've been looking for a way to discreetly (and in some states, illegally) r

Review: T.C. Electronic Desktop Konnekt 6

<img src="" />I hate audio interfaces. They take up your space, they break, their design is flawed. Still, you need one to record your stuf

Review: Belkin GoStudio

As a dilettante musician I enjoy the concept – if not the process – of recording my reedy, whiny voice to digital files. Until recently, that process was fraught with trouble and high qual

Line 6 releases POD Studio and POD Farm

Getting live audio into your PC isn’t very hard – most cards have an audio in that works just fine. But what if you want lots of quarter-inch jacks, XLR, and a bunch of knobs? Well, then y

System of Proof: Record your friends and loved ones… without their permission!

For $9.99 a month you can call a special number and automatically record calls you make to others. While you’ve got to have a Nixon-sized sense of paranoia to require a monthly service for recor

Panasonic develops the world’s first write-once Blu-ray discs with 6x writing speed

Today Panasonic announced [JP] they will introduce the world’s first Blu-ray discs with 6x writing speed in Japan next month. The company will offer 25GB (LM-BR25MD) and 50 GB (LM-BR50MD) versio

Here's the first sound ever recorded, circa 1860

The year was 1860. Abraham Lincoln was taking the political world by storm, South Carolina had decided it needed a break from the rest of the Union, and the first ever audio recording was made in Fran

CarCam Voyager preserves dashboard memories

How many hilarious moments have you witnessed from behind the wheel of your car? Tens? Hundreds? Now imagine if you had a dash-mounted device that could record up to eight hours of video at a time and

Beyond Beyond TV

I’ll be the first to admit I’m cheap. In fact, very soon you’ll see a series of features by Yours Truly on how to put together a seriously kick-ass home theater system for less than

M-Audio Studiophile AV40 Monitors Hands On

Recording and engineering music is a difficult process. For years I’ve dabbled in producing my own songs and music. Nothing too serious, but enough to warrant the purchase of some equipment and

Paging Dr. iPod

A bit old in the blogosphere, but still a goodie, the $500 Thinklabs ds32a Digital Stethoscope comes with a 2GB iPod Nano and special recording attachment that allows you to record the sweet beats of

E-MU 0404 AudioPod

The E-MU 404 AudioPod is a new USB 2.0 Audio/MIDI Interface with 24-bit A/D and D/A converters and XTC mic/line/hi-Z preamps. Not only are you going to get great sound coming out of the 0404 AudioPod,

Stanton Gets Active With ATM.6

The Stanton ATM.6 Active Monitor is developed specifically for DJs with home studios, so if you’ve got a high-end professional setup, look elsewhere for monitors. For everyone else, the ATM.6 mo

Zune to Record from Radio?

There is currently a bit of fuss brewing at the Alliance of Artists and Recording Companies (like the RIAA, but not) about the Zune’s ability to record from FM. It claims that recordings should

Hammacher Schlemmer USB Guitar

Hammacher Schlemmer’s USB guitar is a tool for recording artists who don’t want to deal with microphones, amplifiers, outboard mixers and lots of XLR cables. The USB guitar plugs into your

Zoom H4 Handy Digital Recorder, Welcome to the Future

The Zoom H4 Handy Digital Recorder looks like a device from “Star Trek.” But while it might look like it can zap Klingons, really it’s just a voice recorder, a pretty nice voice reco

iKEY Plus

The iKEY Plus is a portable audio recording solution. It can record in uncompressed WAV or MP3, with bitrates up to 320kbps. There is a backward compatible USB 2.0 on the side that allows it to record