Bux acquires ‘social’ cryptocurrency investment platform Blockport

Bux, the Amsterdam-based fintech that wants to make investing more accessible, has acquired the European “social” cryptocurrency investment platform Blockport. Terms of the deal remain und

Uber’s raising up to $600M in a secondary round at $62B valuation, Q1 sales grew to $2.5B

Uber’s CEO is in Paris this week meeting with the French president to talk tech in Europe and expanding its insurance coverage in the region, but back in the U.S. the company is moving ahead on

Larry Page: Google’s Focus On Constant Iteration Will Shift Toward Big Bets Like Google Fiber And Glass

During today’s Google Q1 2013 earnings call, CEO Larry Page gave us a rundown on exactly what the company has been up to in this quarter, as well as some insight into how he’s currently ru

HP Beats Expectations With Revenue of $28.36B, $1.2B Earnings And EPS Of $0.82 For Q1 2013

HP just released its Q1 2013 earnings report and for once, the company beat analyst expectations: revenue was once again down 6% to $28.4 billion, but still higher than most analysts expected. The com

Groupon’s Q1 Earnings Beat Estimates: $559.3M In Revenue, $1.35B In Groupons Sold

Groupon just <a href="http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20120514006700/en/Groupon-Announces-Quarter-2012-Results">published</a> its second quarterly earnings report after going public in 2011. The

New Samsung UMPC device coming early next year

In an interview with UK site TechRadar.com, Samsung R&D engineer Jeongseon Euh said the following about his company’s plans for its third-generation UMPC… “We will refresh our design

Otterbox rugged case for Samsung Q1 Ultra UMPC

Otterbox of Fort Collins, Colorado now has tough-as-nails cases for the Samsung Q1 Ultra line of UMPCs. It costs $80 and comes in your choice of yellow or black. What’s nice about the case is th

Samsung planning stripped-down Q1 UMPC

The success of the Asus Eee has prompted other notebook and ultraportable manufacturers to play catch-up and Samsung is attempting to do just that with an “education-focused” Q1 Ultra that

CrunchDeals: Samsung Q1 UMPC for $579.99

Hey, that’s cheap. Hurry! This is the original Samsung Q1 UMPC with 7-inch touchscreen, XP Tablet Edition 2005, 1.7-pound weight, 1-inch thickness, 900MHz Intel Celeron Mobile ULV processor, 512

Samsung Q1 Ultra UMPC: Huh. Ok.

Another day, another UMPC. The Samsung Q1 was the hottest thing since sliced bread about two years ago, but now that they’ve released the super Ultra version, I’m pretty sure we’re a

Sprint Nextel At A Loss For Q1

What a shock. I am stunned. The carrier with the coolest phones, most awesome rate plans, and best service ever, Sprint Nextel, posted a loss for Q1 of 2007. Well a company as awesome and rad as Sprin

Mac Sales On A Roll For Q1

According to research firm Gartner, Apple is doing better than anyone could have imagined. Thanks to the rusty launch of Windows Vista, Mac Sales have shot up almost 30% in the first quarter of 2007.

Motorola Sales Not RIZNG

Bad news for all you INVSTRS out there: Motorola sales are sinking and it’s not subtle. The telecom giant has posted a loss of a whopping $181 million for Q1 alone. Decreasing sales of mobile ha

Samsung Enlists Beethoven to Sell Q1 UMPCs

Well they’re calling him Sam, but I know Beethoven when I see him. And no I’m not saying all St. Bernards look alike. Anyway, here is the commercial for Samsung’s Q1 UMPC. Intriguing

Q1 UMPC Accessories Hands-On

Slashgear got their hands on all of the fancy-pants accessories for the Samsung Q1 UMPC including a fancy keyboard that folds out of a delicate-looking faux-leather as well as an external optical driv

Samsung Q1/Q30 Devices Use Solid State Flash Memory

Instead of burdening their ultra-portable devices with hard disks that use more power, generate more heat, and tend to break when moved about too much, Samsung’s placing a Solid State Disk (SSD)