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Samsung planning stripped-down Q1 UMPC

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Q1Ultra The success of the Asus Eee has prompted other notebook and ultraportable manufacturers to play catch-up and Samsung is attempting to do just that with an “education-focused” Q1 Ultra that’ll be available at the end of the month, according to Pocket-lint.

The device will be available in the UK for £399 ($809.73), which is still £100 more than Asus new 8.9-inch Eee will cost. Here in the states, the new Eee will supposedly cost $500 so maybe we’ll see Samsung’s offering at $600. The forthcoming Q1 Ultra will come with a smaller hard drive and won’t feature the dual camera found on the current models.

Samsung to fight Asus Eee with new Q1 Ultra [Pocket-lint] via Ubergizmo

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